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Booker's WAR FACE! FEAR HIM!!!

"How're you doing Ablaze? I tell you, flying with your comrades sucks...but it's a necessary evil...In the past, I flew alone, fighting for my country, but look at you! You're HOPELESS without your wingmen!"

-Booker Wolfman taunting his protege, Ablaze, during "Disclosure", the Circus-Pacific War (aka the Circumcised War).


Booker Wolfman was an Ace in the Great Baka War who was shot down by his rival, Atlie Burnit in the second battle of B7R, better known as either "The Upside-Down Table", "The Square Table" or "The Magic Roundabout", depending on who you ask. Known as "Hunchback" due to his poor posture, Booker was known to never let anyone escape, not even the infamous "Shorts" Squadron.

Circus-Pacific War/Circumcised War (2010)[]

During the Circus-Pacific War, Booker Wolfman, known by the others as "Pootis" due to his resemblance to a certain character from a certain video game (not to mention his voice being quite similar), as his former nickname of "Hunchback" was no longer relevant after he had recieved surgery to straighten out his back.  During the war, he made wisecracks about the Warpup Squadron and especially their AWACS "Tinderbox". When Warpup was forced to flee when the Old Guy's tax auditers tried to confiscate their stuff, Booker led them along a straight-line flight path in the wide open when anybody and their mother could see them, then had them fake crashing into the ocean. He became the advisor to Warpup until the squadron managed to destroy the "Soggy Oatmeal-Liver-Gravy" weapon, ending the war.

Known Aircraft[]

  • MidGet-21 "Fishbreath"
  • C-1 "Traitor" (how appropriate)
  • BAE Hawk-A-Lugee