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"I don't fight just because I just want vengeance against that red fighter, I fight because I also want to fuck all you. you bitches are so fucking hot. I would fuck your assholes until they bleed. I would fuck you until you pass out. And then fuck you some more. I have Lust THAT CAN’T BE SATED!" - Calem Folen to Hilda Evensal, Lucas Kentson and May Thompson in 1980.

Calem Folen was a mercenary pilot and the leader of the famed international mercenary alliance known as the UMF (United Mercenary Forces). He was known worldwide by friend and foe alike as "The Usean Skoll Wolf" due to both his personal Skoll Wolf emblem and his dogfighting style which resembles that of a predator, which is what kind of animal a wolf is. He fought with and alongside many famed pilots and organizations in many of the conflicts that engulfed Strangereal from 1980 to 2025.

Early Life; Night Ops in Welvakia[]

"Sorry, Mom, Dad. I just...don't give a shit" - Calem to his parents when asked why he lost his spirit to fly.

Calem was born on June 4th, 1960 in Comberth City, Usea to an unknown Usean Air Force Pilot and his wife, who served as his Rio. In his younger years, Calem was quiet and curious, always looking up towards the sky whenever he heard any sort of aircraft, whether it was a passenger liner or a military aircraft fly by his house near his family's old house near the beach side of Comberth, showing his parents that he was interested in aviation as they were.

However as he grew older, he began to slowly move away from that interest and instead become interested in video gaming, earning his major in video game programming at 18 upon graduating from Comberth High School. Calem was then accepted into Comberth University, where he was going to study on how to become a developer, but on his 20th birthday, tragedy struck.

Loss of Parents/Devotion to Revenge/ Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Fart[]

"FUCK!!! YOU DIRTY BITCH" - Calem as he watched his parent's Su-30 crash into the Comberth Air Control Tower.

On June 4th, 1980, Calem was in his apartment near his the base where his parents were when he was jolted from his bed by the loud sound of an explosion. When he raced outside, he saw the base being attacked by an fighter squadron of unknown origin.

Taking a MiG-29 Fulcrum from it's hangar, Calem took off to aide in the defense of the base, recalling all the training his father put him through in the very MiG he was in during his spare time away from school. During the battle, Calem managed to down at least two of the enemy fighters. Unfortunately, upon downing the second fighter, Calem saw his parent's Su-30 Strike Flanker falling out of the sky in flames, with a blood red J-10 circling it as it went down. As Calem watched in horror as his parent's Su-30 hit the control tower with no signs of either his mother or father bailing out, the blood red J-10 fled the area with the remaining enemy fighters.

After attending the funeral of his parents, Calem found himself looking up everything he could about the blood red J-10 during the battle, causing him to be let go from Comberth University. Just as Calem was about to give up though, he received a letter from someone who directed him to the port town of Saint Ark. The only name of the said person he had was engraved in the words "Flock Leader". Deciding to find out who this "Flock Leader" was, Calem left Comberth in his MiG-29 and headed to Saint Ark.

Joining Scarface Squadron[]

"What do you want from me, Phoenix? You want me to suck you off?! - Calem Folen to the man only known as Phoenix after learning the truth from his information.

After landing at Saint Ark Air Force Base, Calem made his way towards the area described by the letter he received, which was a seemingly abandoned air force base. Upon entering a hangar bay, Calem noticed that there were numerous planes all in good condition around the hangar, engraved with a white scheme skinned in red, blue and purple flame schemes. In front of one of the planes, a Su-35A Super Flanker, was a mysterious man that approached him.

The man introduced himself only by his TAC name "Phoenix", telling Calem that he had information regarding the attack on Comberth Base, including the name of the pilot of the Blood Red J-10 that killed his parents. Thanks to the information given to him by Phoenix, Calem learned that the attack on Comberth Base was lead by a terrorist group from the island nation of Perfanesia, and that the pilot of the J-10's name was Allen Macovitch, a former Usean Air Force pilot that was dishonorably discharged due to many harassments with fellow female Usean pilots.

Phoenix then came to Calem with an offer to join Scarface Squadron, as he could see that Calem had great potential to be a pilot, as he had seen Calem score the two kills he achieved from a high altitude during the skirmish. Seeing that he would not be able to take on the Perfanesian Terrorist Group on by himself, Calem decided to accept Phoenix's offer to join Scarface Squadron, becoming one of it's mercenary rookie pilots.

After a few weeks of gruesome training in the air and on the ground, Calem was officially accepted into Scarface Squadron, and Phoenix presented him with the aircraft series that he would use for the rest of his life - the Su-27 Flanker, the first in the Flanker Series of aircraft developed mainly by the nation of Yuktobania. A few days after he was accepted, he finally got his chance to take on the Perfanesian Terrorists as the Usean Armed Forces came to Scarface Squadron for aide, as the ongoing Cold War between Osea and Yuktobania had them all on high alert should that war go hot.

Phoenix accepted the request and Scarface Squadron took off a day later. After engraving his new Su-27 Flanker with his own personal emblem, a Skoll Wolf insignia on the Vertical Tail Fins, Calem and Scarface headed for Perfanesia.

Origin of the Skoll Wolf: The Perfanesia Conflict[]

"LET'S GO, MACOVITCH, STOP FUCKING AROUND! THE UNF IS ON OUR ASSES!!!!!" - Calem to Allen during their final engagement of the conflict.

Calem failed to fight Allen, and thya, despawned after getting a mission failure.

Rise of the Skoll Wolf: The Negro Insurgency[]


Battle for the Homeland: The Usean Coup D'etat and Rise of the Yuktobania Ultranationalist.[]

Leaving Scarface/Becoming a whore for the Usean Government[]

After failing to bang two of his sqaudmates and actually killing one, Calem thought it was time to leave the Ghoulies. He told phoenix about this, to which He responded witha M1911 pistol and shot calem right between the eyes. Shamed, he fled Usea in a stolen SU-37 with a Yellow tint. Big mistake fucker...

Tragedy Strikes: The Belkan War And the Fall of Emmeria[]

You see, Calem banged some Belkan chick during the war, but during operation Cannibal, he accidentally bombed her and killed her. He committed suicide 2 days later. Pixy and Cipher dumped his SU-37 in the recycling bin

Wandering Drifter/The Ulysees Impact/ The Coup of Saudia Arabia/ The Blackout of 2017/ Emmerian Reformation/ Earth Kingdom Peasant Rebellion[]

Calem was pretty pissed off at Pixy and Cipher for dumping his SU-37 in the recycling bin, so as revenge he overthrew the Ustian Government. But sadly, two days later The ulyssess impact happened, and a missfire from Stonehenge ripped his asshole apart and he lost the Ustian War

Fury of the Skull Wolf: The Estovakian Coup and Usean Invasion[]

Calem was a pretty miserable dude. And dieded

On the Hunt: Operation Katina and the Leasath Invasion of Erusea[]

Calem actually dies at this point of the story. He tried obtaining an X-02 from eruseans, but fucked up and crash landed. Mobius 1 was in the combat zone at this time, but couldn't really give two shits. Operation Katina would later be a success, without the help of Calem folen.

Return to Drifting and being an asshole[]

During the Yuktobanian Civil war, Calem just flew all throughout Yuke Airspace, but was shot down by an XSAM and died

Finishing what was Started: The Circum-Pacific War and The Belkan Conspiracy[]

He tried to fight blaze, but was killed.

The Birth of the Ratio Sapinian Alliance and the Beginning of the Northern War /Becoming a Father and Uncle of a Usean soldier who would later INVADE the Aurelian Mainland[]

Calem's wife gave birth to a black baby. It's no surprise that he wasn't too happy.

The Grasp of the Past: The Anean Continental War and Erusean Occupation[]

Calem never fought in this conflict, but sat in the sidelines and fought numerous homeless kids during the Estovakian occupation of Gracemeria[]

Southern Conflict: The Aurelian-Leasath War and the Osean Intervention[]

He tried to take down gryphus one, but as usual he got decimated.

Interview with Brett Thompson/Facing Osean Corruption Within the Armed Forces[]

He beat the living shit out of Brett Thompson. Brett Thompson was so fatally injured, there were reports that he had shit himself. However none of these are confirmed.

One Last Howl: The Usean Invasion of Southern Osea and the Fight Against A New Enemy[]

When the Usean's thought it would be funny to fuck around with Southern Osean territory and had planned an invasion dubbed "Operation SevenStrike" Calem decided to put his foot down and destroy Usea as a whole. He formed an alliance with his merc federation and Yuktobania to destroy Usea. However Usea was already decimated and was decaying due to the Nuecom Coup de tat, and Calem was faced with an entirely new problem. However he was shot and killed while in flight by a Su -30, the same one that his mother flew. He realized that it WAS his mother. Both his mother and father had actually abandoned him and formed the ultimate coroperacy to take over all of Strangreal. Now Calem had to face the final war. A war between his own blood.

Retirement and Invasion of Nuecom Corporation[]

Death and the dissolution of Neucom Corporation, NEMO Unleashed[]


Calem has no eyes.