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the Chengu J-10 Vigorous Dragon or F-10 Vanguard is an Aircraft Manufactured By Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation (CAC), for the People's Liberation Army Air Force, the air arm of the People's Republic of Verusia's military.

J-10 Taking OFF


Verusian People's Liberation Army Air Force(VPLAAF): 2,500+ units Yuktobanian Air Force(YAF): Unknown, numbering at 1,000+ units

Osean Air Defense Force(OADF):bought some, maybe 100 or 200 units

Lesath Air Force(LAF): 300 units

Armed Antarctica Alliance Air Force(AAA-AF): 120 units


  • Maximun Speed:2200 Km/h
  • Speed: 89
  • Mobility: 86
  • Stability: 75
  • Defense: 73
  • Air to Air: 68
  • Air to Ground: 71



  • 2x 30mm Canon


  • PL-21 LRAAM
  • PL-12D MRAAM
  • PL-10 SRAAM

SP Weapons:

  • XMAA (1200 AMRAAM)
  • NPB (Mk.77 Napalm Bomb)
  • SAAM (R-27R1 (AA-10 Alamo))
  • SFFS (CBU-97 Sensor Fused Weapon)
  • 4x RCL ( LAU-68 Rocket Pods )
  • GPB(LS-6 Precision Glide Bomb)


The Chengdu J-10 in real life serves the China's People's Libertation Army Air Force.(PLAAF)

The J-10 in earlier sevelopment stages had 4 major incidents/crashes.

Maybe the J-10 is based on the Israeli fighter IAI Lavi.