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The Chengdu J-20 is an aircraft manufactured by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group. Comonly refered to as Anihilator or Sacred Dragon.


The Chengdu is a Delta Wing, single set all propuse fighter. The plane is an alternative to F-22 Raptor or T-50 Pak FA and is used by many countries such as Yuktobania and Frizia.

It is approximately 75 feet (23 m) in length, has a wingspan of 45 feet (14 m) or more, forward canards, a High Strenght Canopy(later versions are equiped with COFFIN Ver. 3) and have a takeoff weight of 75,000 to 80,000 pounds (34,000 to 36,000 kg) with internal stores only. Powered by two 13,200 kilograms (29,000 lb)/WS-10 class high thrust turbofan engines fitted with Thrust Vector Controlled (TVC) nozzles, both made in Yuktobania.

It has less mobility capacity and speed than a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor or PAK FA, but also have larger weapons bays and carry more fuel. Later COFFIN-equipped versions were comparable to Yuktobania's MiG-44 Falcon, and in fact due to similarities in appearance and performance it was not unheard-of for one to be misidentified as the other by all except the most well-professed aircraft experts and even then only with a sharp eye for details.


Yuktobanian Air Force (YAF)

Ruby Squadron

J-20 with AFAF Ruby's Squadron Paintscheme

Estovakia Air Force (EAF)

Arctic Frizia Air Force (AFAF)

Osea Air Defense Force (OADF) (bought some from Yuktobania)

UPEO (SARF) (Has 30 units)

Armed Antarctic Alliance (AAA-AF)

(correct me if some other major nation uses the J-20.)


  • J-20 in flight

    J-20 in flight

    Maximun Speed: 2470 km/h
  • Speed: 91
  • Mobility: 78
  • Stability: 84
  • Defense: 71
  • Air to Air: 82
  • Air to Ground: 50



  • 2x 30mm Canon


  • PL-21 LRAAM
  • PL-12D MRAAM
  • PL-10 SRAAM

SP Weapons:

  • XMAA (1200 AMRAAM)
  • NPB (Mk.77 Napalm Bomb)
  • SAAM (R-27R1 (AA-10 Alamo))
  • SFFS (CBU-97 Sensor Fused Weapon)
  • 4x RCL ( LAU-68 Rocket Pods )
  • GPB(LS-6 Precision Glide Bomb)
  • LASM (Exocet AM39 - B2, Mod 2; used after modifications by the Armed Antarctic Alliance)


  • Chengdu is a city in China.
  • The J-20 possesses a flaw with its supposedly-stealthy design: in reality, it's only half-stealthy, in this case from the front. From the rear it appears as any other aircraft, which means that while one might not detect it coming in, the fact that it can be detected upon departing would make it vulnerable to attack after it's released its payload (although some claim that this doesn't matter as it's still stealthy while attacking).  As a result, it is more probable that combined with its larger payload compared to the F-22 and Su-50, it could be considered more of a fighter-bomber than an air superiority fighter like the F-22 or a standard multirole fighter like the Su-50.
  • In combat service with the AAA, modified J-20s have been used in long-range Anti-Ship attack, and actually proved to be very effective in that regard due to their extended range.