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"Shit, those IL-76 are full of sandwiches."
—Chris after the IL-76 get destroyed by the LRSSG

Chris "Chasseur" Azure, callsign Chasseur was born in a family whose history was closely related to that of aviation. Their lineage of pilots could be traced back for over a century, most of them in military aviation. From the early pioneers flying crude machines made mostly out of wood and fabric, going through the age of the biplane and the reign of the propeller monoplane, the dawn of the jet era to the breaking of the sound barrier to the development of the modern fighter, there was always a member of the Azure family behind the stick. Chris grew up listening about war stories, of knights and demons of the air fighting each other in the skies. His father was a pilot for the Erusean Air Force during the Continental War, not as a fighter or a bomber pilot, but in the often overlooked but equally important and dangerous role of being a transport aircraft pilot, ferrying troops and cargo. He was stationed at the Scion Air Base in the Istas Fortress, a facility captured by the Eruseans southeast of Los Canas. On February 28, 2005 his father was killed during an attack by ISAF aircraft on the facility when his C-130 was strafed as it taxied for takeoff.

While the loss of his father was devastating for the young Chris, he nonetheless chose to follow in his footsteps and honor his legacy by becoming a military pilot, where he showed good leadership skills and an instinct for combat. He cared little about politics or nationalism, so when the war broke out he saw it as a chance of proving himself, a test of character that he believed his ancestors had also gone through at some point in their lives. He also detested the idea of drones being used for combat, as he believed planes had been made for humans to fly. Putting an AI behind the stick was against everything his family had represented since their earlier days in the sky.

Chris tasted combat for the first time by being one of the few pilots that defended Farbanti from the first Osean attack in the war, though most of the defense efforts was handled by UAVs. He managed to become an ace in day in that battle, single-handedly shooting down three Osean F/A-18F that took off from the aircraft carrier OFS Kestrel II, while his squadron had two losses. As the war continued, he was frequently sent above the frontlines where he developed an eye for quickly reading the tactical situation and responding immediately to secure an advantage. He prefered to operate during dark hours, usually late in the night or very early before dawn when operational readiness of most military units tends to be the lowest. The color of his fighter was an ideal choice, making it hard to spot in low light conditions. This led to some Osean military units giving nicknames to him such as "the Black Devil". Most of his sorties were regular nightime fighter sweeps into Osean-controlled eastern Usea, as well as harassing ground troops and installations with very low altitude hit-and-run attacks, leaving them almost no chance to mount a counterattack. While the tactical value of these attacks was limited, they were effective at chipping away at the morale of Osean forces, knowing that they could be raided at any moment with very little warning or chance of fighting back.

In August 10, 2019, just after midnight, Chris took off from his base on Cape Rainy to conduct a combat patrol over the northern Usean coast, an unusual order given that Osean aircraft had not been spotted in that area, but was related to the operations conducted by the Erusean Royal Navy. Instead of the usual mid-air refueling in those operations, he was directed eastward to Snider's Top, to land on a naval support platform for refueling before returning to his base. He spotted the Njord fleet preparing to leave the area. Given the concentration of naval and air power in the area, it seemed like an important operation was being prepared. Chris landed at the platform, where he was quickly refueled and cleared to return to his home base. With the sun firmly above the horizon, it seemed like it would be a peaceful and quiet return trip to his base.

It only took a few minutes after taking off when he heard the panicked chatter on the radio as all hell broke loose at the base on Snider's Top. The Oseans had did the unthinkable and launched a surprise raid on the base and the fleet. Among the cries for help and the damage reports, Chris heard something about the Osean fighters coming from far away "like a flock of snowbirds", and how the attack was lead by a pilot with "Three Strikes" on its tail. Like most Erusean pilots at that point, Chris had heard rumors about this legendary Osean pilot, which he thought were embellished at best and complete fabrications at worst. He was cleared to immediately turn back and assist the Erusean forces in the area. When he arrived he could not believe what he was seeing. The platform he had landed on just minutes earlier was collapsing, ships in the area were sinking and Erusean fighters were dropping like flies. But it's not the main reason he was very angry, the two IL-76 trying to escape was carrying the high quality foods and his friend was in the plane but was shot down, despite Three Strikes was there, he immediately jump into battle. He tried engaging Trigger, trying to revenge for his friend and all the foods. The pilot moved in a way he had never seen before. His attempts to engage the ace were useless and he was shot down by the pilot with the three scratches. He barely had time to eject before his jet crashed into the frigid waters down below.

He was rescued by an Erusean boat as the battle still raged on. He felt overwhelmed by the spectacle of destruction in front of him. With a booming noise, the collapsing platforms made waves in the ocean that threatened to capsize the lifeboats of the fortunate few who had managed to get to them in time. The smell of burning fuel from the enormous plumes of black smoke filled the lungs of the survivors. The shower of aluminum debris and burning jet fuel kept raining as more and more planes fell from the sky. And suddenly, the Snowbirds left, leaving only an uncomfortable silence behind. The explosions and gunfire were heard no more, only the sounds of the ocean and the seabirds flying above the floating debris in the water.

Chris had lived through the experience mostly unharmed, although shaken by the experience. He returned to his base, where he continued to fly his night harassment missions until September 13, when he suffered an accident during takeoff. An accident investigation found that improper maintenance by overworked ground crews had led to the malfunction of some critical systems. This led to quick engine power loss and an immediate crash. Chris ejected at low altitude, but his parachute failed to deploy properly and he was badly injured when hitting the ground. He survived, but spent the following months in a coma. When he awakened he could not believe the news about the chaos of the communication blackout. He heard in silence all the news about the infighting that followed it and that Erusea had ultimately lost the war and how drones had almost started an endless war, but also how Three Strikes had led a the coalition of fighters from both countries that brought an end to the war. It seemed to him that Erusea had been fighting the wrong war from the start and the fact that pilots and not machines had won the war gave him hope for the future.

He returned to serve with the Erusean Air Force after recovering from his injuries, he's still feel bad because he can't save his friend and the foods. Now married and waiting for his first child, who he hopes he can teach to fly one day, he became a basic flight instructor. Like his father, grandfather and those before them, hopes he can pass his legacy on to the next generation of pilots.