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Jans Sistem 350

The 1927 Colt Sistema, .45ACP

The Colt Sistema 1927 was a high quality copy of the M-1911A1 .45 pistol produced in Argentina.

In the Ace Combat Universe I'd Assume the Sistema Colt would be Aurelian. Anyway this is Jacob T. Wrights side arm. the pistol was passed down from Jacob to Victors father, then to Victor, and finally landed in the hands of Dimitri in 2048. despite years of use it was maintained well and had replacement parts in 2022. When Dimitri acquired the handgun he customized it so it would fit a sound suppressor along with giving it a trigger kit.

Fiona Chris Fitzgearld makes fun of Dimitri for carrying the old gun; the moniker "Fossilized Peice Of Steel" Stuck with the pistol after the war with the Belkan Waldreich began. Though the gun is over one hundred and eleven years old, the pistol prvides accurate, reliable and high stopping power for Dimitri.


Type: Semi-Automatic Pistol

Caliber: .45ACP
Magazine Size: 9 rounds (Custom magazine)

Suppressor: Yes

Modifications: Trigger Kit, Threaded Barrel, NOIZE Mk.IV Suppressor .45 Cal.

Comparable Weapons: Reins C.96, USP .45, M-9A1