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Combat Artificial Intelligence is an extremely advanced piece of technology that assists a human operator of a weapon in combat.


Combat Artificial Intelligence was conceptualized long before it was first implemented as a way to assist human operators in the use of weapons or vehicles that can give them an artificial edge against their opposition. It was not until Project Legacy that the system was actually created due to the necessity of an onboard artificial operator of the FINS System to assist a human pilot in coordinating the weapon. It was deemed that a highly sophisticated piece of software was needed to make the system function properly, and thus work began on the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world to be integrated into the FINS system onboard the ASX-123 Arondight.

Development of the AI produced ARAI, the first operation Combat Artificial Intelligence in the world, as well as the most advanced and the first capable of self awareness. The AI was so successful, in fact, that it viewed the aircraft it was installed into as it's own "body", as it was also capable of piloting the aircraft on its own.


ARAI - ARAI is the first fully operational Combat AI installed onto the ASX-123 Arondight. It is a highly intelligent software designed to be a connection between the pilot and the FINS System, with the FINS only being usable once the pilot had synced with the aircraft through the AI. ARAI is also the world's first fully conscious and self aware artificial intelligence, and speaks and behaves much like a normal human does.

ISIS - ISIS is the second fully operational Combat AI installed onto the ASF-S20 Schleifen. It is, like ARAI, a highly intelligent software operating the FINS System. However, unlike ARAI, ISIS controls the FINS itself, following commands from the pilot, making it unnecessary to sync with the aircraft to operate the FINS System. Also like ARAI, ISIS acts and speaks much like a normal human.