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"Where's Calamity?"
—Cyril after missing Paul

Cyril "Tempest" Noiret, callsign Tempest. A cool-headed, no-nonsense and experienced fighter pilot, Cyril was known for completing difficult missions and surviving situations that would have killed most pilots. Known for being laconic, keeping radio comms to a bare minimum, he was considered a but of a mystery to his fellow pilots, but well trusted due to his skills, ability to complete his missions and for saving his comrades multiple times during missions. Cyril was among the forces that neutralized several IUN bases across Usea during the opening stages of the war, facing Osean planes during the Erusean advance into San Salvacion. He remained there, frequently engaging Osean forces attempting to move into the east. On July 16, he was part of the squadrons that blunted the Osean offensive called Operation Shotgunner, inflicting massive casualties on the Oseans, single-handedly downing more Osean aircraft than the rest of his squadron combined. This made him one of the most prolific Erusean aces at this time. This was even more impressive considering that it was done flying the outdated F-4E Phantom II, a legacy of his time with Glamrock squadron, which became his signature aircraft at this time of the war.

Cyril continued to participate in several raids to Osean forces for the following two months, including during the Osean Operation Gunfighter over the Hatties desert in August 15, and his combat record kept climbing . Another operation was launched by Osea just four days later, codenamed Operation Dragon Breath. Cyril was supposed to participate in the offensive against Osean forces in Stonehenge, but his take-off was delayed by a runway accident by a fellow squadron member and he failed to reach the battle area in time before the Arsenal Bird Liberty was shot down. By the time he arrived to the area, the Arsenal Bird was nothing but smoldering scrap metal on the hot sand and the surviving Erusean forces were retreating from the area.

It was due to the loss of the Arsenal Bird "Liberty" that put Erusea in a defensive position. Many experienced pilots stationed near the front were recalled from their post in order to defend the remaining strategic assets such as the remaining Arsenal Bird, Justice, and its power source, the International Space Elevator itself. Cyril's squadron was one of such squadrons, and was re-equipped with the F-22A Raptor stealth fighter. Despite his requests to be sent back to a position where he could see more combat, he remained in the Gunther Bay area, guarding it from any possible Osean incursions.

When the communications blackout ocurred, Cyril's squadron had to face a choice due to the lack of orders. The faction split meant deciding which side to join, as a struggle to take control of the Space Elevator was inevitable. His squadron leaned strongly towards the Radical side, confident in the ability of the Arsenal Bird to keep Osea at bay to give them a possibility of turning the tide of the war with the aid of advanced technology. Cyril went along with them as they joined the Radical side.

He finally saw action on October 7, taking off at night in an interception mission as ordered by his commanding officer. Radars had caught a lone transport plane attempting to sneak away from Usea in the cover of night near Tyler Island. He approached the flight for a visual inspection and despite the darkness of the night he spotted the rose emblem on the tail of the transport plane illuminated by the moonlight. He recognized that emblem. He had seen it multiple times before, in the news, usually followed by a large number of escorts and bodyguards. But this time it was completely alone, an easy picking. The orders on the radio were simple: shoot the aircraft down. Despite being the kind of soldier that always follows his orders to the letter, Cyril hesistated. Shooting down a defenseless transport plane is one thing, but pulling the trigger when you know the people inside are non-combatants, regardless of their identity, was too much even for him. He flew parallel to the transport, trying perhaps to communicate with the aircraft's crew, but all that did was alerting them of his presence. The transport pulled a sharp evasive turn, perhaps out of shock, but Cyril's plane followed it closely behind. Chaff and flares were dumped in a desperate but futile attempt to protect the transport aircraft, but Cyril aimed carefully at the plane's engines with his cannon and pulled the trigger. With a trail of black smoke and fire coming out of the back of both engines Cyril then broke away and disengaged, telling his commander he had reached bingo fuel and needed to return to the base but that he was sure the transport plane was fatally damaged, reduced to a big heavy glider that could only ditch in the ocean or crash land at the nearby island. This would give its passengers at least some chances of survival. What would happen to its occupants should they survive the crash landing was none of his business, but he would not get his hands dirty that way, not directly at least. When the transport aircraft disappeared from radar, it was confirmed to be splashed and Cyril was credited with yet another kill.

Cyril's squadron saw one final battle as it was one of the last which directly opposed to the coalition of Osean and Erusean forces trying to end the war. One by one they took off to make a last stand to protect the Space Elevator from being taken over by Osean forces, while they waited for the Arsenal Bird to reach the battle area and reclaim air superiority. While many pilots relied on drones on slave mode, Cyril took off by himself. As the Osean aircraft were broadcasting on open channels so that allied Erusean aircraft could listen, Cyril was able to hear that the leader of Strider Squadron, "Three Strikes", was in the area. Like pretty much any Erusean pilot at that point in the war, he had heard rumors and stories about the ace with the three lines on its tails, a pilot so skilled that no Erusean squadron had been able to surpass him, not even the famous experimental Sol Squadron which was also famous among Erusean forces. To Cyril, this was exactly what he wanted to hear. He had always wished to test his skill against the legendary Osean ace, and so he dived into the furball trying to target Three Strikes. Unfortunately for Cyril, the legends about this ace were true. Despite his best efforts, Cyril was unable to put up a fight and was shot down over waters near the Space Elevator.

Ejecting from his burning Raptor, Cyril managed to parachute down close to the Elevator itself. He made it ashore to the island where the base of the Space Elevator. Exhausted by the experience, all he could do was to stay in the ground, look up and watch the battle from down below. The coalition, spearheaded by Three Strikes, managed to down the Arsenal Bird in a ferocious battle. The Erusean Radicals still left in the area finally chose to put down their weapons. The war was over, but a new battle began as the experimental drones Hugin and Munin dominated the skies. Watching the twin black birds flying up in the sky, downing some of the world's best pilots and forcing the rest to retreat made Cyril realize what chaos his actions had brought to the world. He had supported the rebellion that kept the war going. He would later find out that the only reason the war had ended was due to the actions of the Erusean Princess and Three Strikes, ironically the very same people he had attacked in his last sorties. When Osean troops arrived to secure the area after the battle was over, Cyril surrendered to them. He would later state that that he did not fight for ideological reasons. He never cared about the war effort and did not really support the Radicals, or the Conservatives for that matter. He fought only because he was good at it, the rush of battle made him feel alive and it had been that way since he flew a fighter for the first time. He wanted to keep fighting, not realizing what he and the people he fought with were about to unleash into the world.

He remained for several months in the autonomous zone near the Space Elevator working along humanitarian organizations in order to help the refugees, seeing it as the least he could do to atone for what he did. He then went back to Erusea, where he surrendered to the authorities for his role in the rebellion. He admitted everything he had done, including his participation in the assassination attempt on the Princess. As of the writing of this document, his case is still ongoing, the military court reviewing his case being divided on whether he is considered guilty of treason or should be given amnesty. And then he received new information about his best friend, Paul, is dead. He's no longer Cyril of the past, he was gone crazy and had nightmare every night about the time that he and Paul were best friend, he even tried to suicide but he failed. Then he realized he is dead and cannot reborn. Every year since, on the anniversary of Paul death, He visits the space elevator and "talk" with Paul "ghost".