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Dardene, officially the Republic of Dardene, is an sovereign city-state situated east to the Pearl River estuary in south-eastern Clavis. It is bounded by Clavian People's Republic to the north, and the Jade Sea to the south.


Originally a fishing village in the Kingdom of Clavis, it became an important port city used primarily by the Anean Empire. The trading port of Dardene was established by Anean colonialists in the 18th century, before being incorporated as an overseas territory in 1811. Throughout the 19th century, Dardene became a popular entrepôt, much to the chagrin of the Clavian Kingdom. Clavis failed to retake the city in the Dardene Uprising of 1832.

During the Sotoan-Pacific War, the Empire of Sotoa successfully invaded the city, resulting in an interregnum of Emmerian rule. Following the Sotoan surrender, the city returned to the Republic of Emmeria's rule. Dardene was largely untouched in the First Clavian War, but was host to Clavian refugees escaping the conflict. The city seceded from Emmerian rule in 1962 to become a fully sovereign nation.