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Dinsmark Pact
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Deployment The World War
AC Fanon Ace Combat 10: World War in Strangereal
Known members Belka

The Dinsmark Pact is a military coalition between Belka, Leasath, Erusea and Estovakia during the World War. Its commander, mostly known as Greifvogel 1, is the main antagonist in Ace Combat 10: World War in Strangereal.

Top Squadrons[]

These squadrons were formed at the beginning of the war. Initially, they were 24 squadrons (a total of 144 pilots). Once all are defeated, 8 new squadrons are created (a total of 64 pilots, 8 of them survivors of the previous squadrons).

One of its leaders, Greifvogel 1 (named Platinum 1 after his first defeat), is the leader of the Dinsmark Pact and the far-right party that rules Belka. He is cruel and merciless, and has a sister (Earth 5, from the Solar Task Force) who opposes his ultranationalist ideas.

The following list has each squadron's name, its number of members, its aircraft and the country where they come from:

SQUADRONS Members Aicraft Country
Felshaken Team 5 Belka
Ghost Squadron 5
Falke Squadron 6
Hornisse Team 6
Einhorn Squadron 7
Greifvogel Squadron 7
Titanium Team 8
Platinum Squadron 8
Omicron Team 5 Leasath
Epsilon Team 5
Delta Squadron 6
Dseta Team 6
Omega Squadron 7
Gamma Squadron 7
Beta Squadron 8
Alfa Team 8
Rubis Team 5 Erusea
Opale Squadron 5
Ambra Team 6
Quarzo Team 6
Topaze Team 7
Smeraldo Squadron 7
Sapphire Team 8
Onyx Squadron 8
Kraken Team 5 Estovakia

Minotavr Squadron

Medved Squadron 6
Grom Team 6
Flang Team 7
Griffon Squadron 7
Avrora Squadron 8
Noktyurn Squadron 8

Note: Italics and Bold font indicates the squadrons formed after the others are defeated.


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  • Paint schemes used by the top squadrons are similar to the one used by UPEO's SARF in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.
  • Greifvogel 1 is the only enemy pilot of any special squadron who the Solar Task Force has faced more than once and the only fighter pilot whose plane can drop a Trinity missile (like Andrei Markov in Assault Horizon).
  • Some squadrons will recieve support by superweapons (Aigaion, Stonehenge, Excalibur...), drones (MQ-90L, UAV-45...) or Greifvogel 1's F-22A Raptor (sometimes launching Trinity missiles).
  • Depending on squadron's country, each one has the name in a certain language:
    • Belkan squadrons have their names written in German and English.
    • Leasath squadrons have the names of Greek letters written in Spanish.
    • Erusian squadrons have the names of gemstones written in French and Italian.
    • Estovakian squadrons have their names written in Russian.