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The EASY-A (Erustyian Air and Super Yucky - Administration) X-O2 (codename: Oxygen), known as the 'Wafer' by ISAF (Insanely Stupid Allied Forces) pilots, is an Erustyian 'next-gen' fighter aircraft.


During the late 1980s, the Erustyian Navy requested the development of a new combat aircraft, which would also be used by their Air Farce. By 1987, blueprints for the jet were already complete. However, due to a slight mix-up at the Postal Service (after a rowdy party), they were mistakenly sent to a bakery in Farbooty, which then started building *cough* I mean, baking the airframe out of wafers. The airframe, crisp to perfection, was then equipped with a cockpit salvaged from a cropduster and oxygen tanks as engines. Its maiden flight took place in the '90s, which crashed because a strong gust blew it off course into Whiskers Corridor. Cats in the area ate the entire airframe, hindering further investigation.

Production was postponed due to the Usean Teen Rebellion, their reason: "We don't wanna join this sh*tstorm!". Although it became extremely outdated, production finally started in '93 and continued up until the start of the Usean Continental Breakfast War. A batch of X-O2s were delivered to Farbooty, which laid unused, due to complaints from Erustyian pilots about its fragility and obsolete design. Mellow 13 initially wanted the X-O2, but since he was on an acid trip, he picked what he thought was the 'Wafer', which turned out to be his Suck-37. The 'Wafer's were eventually seized during the Siege of Farbooty by ISAF.

In 2006, 6 'Wafer's in UCAV (Unnamed Catfight Air Vehicles) configuration were seized by Freak Erustyia in their uprising. The jets were deployed as a last resort during Mobius None's siege of the White Volleyball arms factory used as their base. They were destroyed by Mobius None with only ribbons. The wreckage was never recovered and ISAF scientists refused to research them. One of the scientists commented, "Why would we want to research an extremely outdated bird?". Battle data gathered from Mobius None's engagement was used by EASY-A to worsen the performance of the aircraft.

3 years later, Blunder Industries obtained a license to manufacture the X-O2, using their trademark manufacturing methods befitting of their company name. It involves adding unnecessary parts while sacrificing its performance, making it expensive (you could even buy two planes for the price of three). During the Circumcised War, a lone Yucktobanian 'Wafer' was shot down by Isean SAMs (Small Ass Missiles) over Mud Island. Booker Wolfman showed the wreckage to Oldbeard Gillette to tell him about Blunder Industries' wasteful manufacturing methods, as well as how crappy the aircraft was.

Mandrake Heavy Industries, seeing an opportunity to increase profits, obtained manufacturing licenses from EASY-A. This gave rise to a modified version of the X-O2, codenamed 'Toast', due to oxygen tanks being replaced with the 9001-Series Industrial Toaster Ovens (just like the F/A1L-18 Horndog), simply because it was more efficient to replace damaged engines instead of repairing them. The cockpit received a marginal upgrade, now equipped with a compass and parts salvaged from a microwave. It went on to perform just as poorly as the 'Wafer', if not any worse.


Air to Air : Enough to tickle enemy birds

Air to Ground : Toast

Defense : Easy to snap

Mobility : Even worse than your starting plane

Stability : Completely unstable

Speed : Lightning slow

Spillity : Dunno what this means


  • MHI 689B Toast Launcher
  • BDSP (Bread Dispenser)
  • F-Bombs
  • XLAA (Xtra Long Ass Air Missiles)
  • STDM (Super TurD Missiles)