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the Experimental-Fighter(EF) 69 is a plane manufactured in secret, as a result of the steal of ancient documents from Ghrunder industries and Sukhoi. the plane combinates the High capacity and Mobility of the Falken and the Speed of Sukhoi SU-35.


The Flanken


as well as the Falken, the Flanken uses the TLS tecnology, and combines the Speed of The SU-35 Super Flanker and the Mobility of the Falken.only 2 prototypes of this fighter were made untill today, and one of them is the creators of the flanken were accused of counterfeiting,the Flanken have some unique caracteristics,like the Backward swept Wing,unlike the Falken that is Foward swept wing.and lower Load capacity,but is more Agile and can reach Mach 3 using the TLS.making it a great StratoFighter.


Maximun speed:

  • Speed: 93
  • Mobility: 86
  • Stability: 85
  • Defense: 93
  • Air to Air: 98
  • Air to Ground: 61


the Flanken namesake is a is a portmanteau of the names Falken and Flanker.