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King Louis carrier
ERS King Louis's Battle Ensign
ERS King Louis
Class: Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier
Builders: Farbanti Royal Yards
Laid down: 2000
Launched: 2009
Commissioned: 2010
Built at: Farbanti (initially)
Iserlohn (final stages)
Operator(s): Royal Navy
Status: Active (2020)
Mods: None
Captains: Unknown
Crew: Unknown
Air units: 822 Naval Air Squadron (F-35)
904 Naval Air Squadron (F-35)
Ground units: 12th Royal Marine Battalion

The ERS King Louis is a Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier in service of the Erusian Royal Navy, originally named Admiral Brissot during the period of military rule. The ship was laid down in 2000 by the country's military government and was still incomplete by the time of the Second Usean Continental War outbreak in 2003. Due to that conflict and the post-war upheavals, the construction of the King Louis was delayed, and it was not launched until 2009. The new Erusean government was permitted to only have one carrier in its fleet by the terms imposed on the kingdom by ISAF, and ERS King Louis was deemed to be sufficient to serve the Royal Navy's needs. Since its launch, the carrier has mainly remained in Erusian waters, and it took part in the Osea-Erusia conflict that broke out in 2020.

Construction and design[]


The construction of the Admiral Brissot was planned throughout the 1990s, especially in response to the threat posed by the 1995 Belkan War, but was delayed due to the impact of the Ulysses asteroid on Earth in 1999. The ship was planned to replace the Federal Erusian Navy's aging aircraft carrier Geofon, which was decommissioned in 2004 after having been in service since 1983. The damage caused to the capital of Farbanti caused delays in its construction, since the shipyards were not restored for about a year, and then issues with funding arose as the need to repair the damage of the asteroid was more immediate. The new carrier was nonetheless laid down in 2000 though construction of it was slow at first. The outbreak of the Second Usean Continental War in 2003 also delayed the ship's construction further. The Federal Navy's sole carrier Geofon was sunk during the war so the Admiral Brissot was considered more of a priority. After the creation of an Erusian provisional government and the restoration of the monarchy. The new regime renamed the ship to ERS King Louis and was permitted to finish its construction by the ISAF, which was finally complete in 2009. It finished its sea trials in 2010 and was commissioned into the renamed Royal Navy.

Technical details[]

Displacement: 70,600 tonnes

Length: 280 m (920 ft)

Beam: 73 m (280 ft)

Draught: 11 m

Decks: 16,000 m2

Speed: 25 knots (46 km/h)

Range: 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km)

Capacity: 1,600 crew and troops


  • S1850M long range radar
  • Type 997 Artisan 3D medium range radar
  • Ultra Electronics Series 2500 Electro Optical System (EOS)
  • Glide Path Camera (GPC)


  • Phalanx CIWS
  • 30mm guns and mini-guns

Operational history[]

The ERS King Louis was visited by Her Highness Princess Rosa Cosette d'Elise shortly after its commissioning in September 2010. The new carrier went on its first trip abroad, visiting ports in the Nordlands, Sapin, Ustio, Osea and Emmeria before returning to the country in 2012. The King Louis later visited the Estovakian coast from 2013 until 2014, during the final stages of the Estovakian Civil War, but did not intervene. From 2014 until the outbreak of the war with Osea in 2019, the carrier has mainly been operating in home Erusian waters.