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East Clavis, officially the Clavian People's Republic, is a single-party socialist republic in the eastern portion of the geographical region of Clavis. It borders the city state of Dardene to the south, and West Clavis to the west. East Clavis, like its western counterpart, claims to be the legitimate government of the entire region, and views Dardene as a renegade city.

East Clavis consists of the territory that was occupied and administered by Yuktobanian and Verusan forces following the end of the Sotoan-Pacific War. The western portion of the region came under the control of Osean and IUN forces. Negotiations on reuniting the zones failed, and in 1941 two states were established. The Clavian People's Republic was established in the eastern occupation zone, while the Federal Republic was established in the western Osean occupation zone. The Valgan river, which was once the heart of the Clavian nation, divides the two states. A series of escalated border skirmishes led to an invasion by East Clavian forces in 1946, initiating the First Clavian War. The war ended in a ceasefire between both countries, and since then a DMZ has been formed along the Valgan river.

East Clavis initially described itself as a "nation upholding the proletariat", aligning itself with other socialist states at the time like Verusa and Yuktobania. After the end of the Cold War between Osea and Yuktobania, East Clavis has taken a more neutral approach to global affairs, but still displays some hostility towards West Clavis. Though the economy was initially centrally-planned and state-owned, the reforms in the 1990s brought some degree of liberalisation to the country.


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With over a million active troops and three million in reserve, the Clavian People's Army (CPA) is one of the largest standing military force in the world, just behind Erusea. The CPA consists of the Ground Force (CPAGF), the Air Force (CPAAF), the Navy (CPAN), and the Marine Corps (CPAMC). Unresolved tensions with West Clavis prompted the country to spend a significant portion of its GDP and government spending on its military, while also maintaining compulsory conscription.

In recent decades after the economic liberalisation, East Clavis has made significant progress in modernizing its air force. The country has been purchasing fifth-generation fighters from Yuktobania and Verusa, and is developing numerous combat drones. There has been rumours that East Clavis has been secretly developing a heavy command cruiser, but the government denies such projects.