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Edgar Starke is the flight leader of the 201st Tactical Fighter Squadron and was an ace for the Belkan Airforce.

Early Life (1977-1995)[]

Edgar Starke was born in the Southern Part of Belka in 1977 his father was Belkan and his mother was Erusian both of them former pilots for their air forces. Each night before going to bed his parents would tell him stories of the BAF and the FEAF and how the pilots of the BAF and FEAF were fearless,deicated, and skillful in both peace time and in combat pretty soon he wanted to become a pilot and make his parents proud,unfortunately his mother died from a unknow illness the death of his mother and her request that if he was to become a pilot he should join the BAF caused Edgar to pour all his efforts into becoming a pilot preparing himself physically and mentally for things to come once he joins the belkan airforce. Edgar joined the BAF at the age of 18 before the outbreak of the belkan war.

During The Belkan War (1995)[]

Edgar was assigned to Meteor Squadron along with his re-enlisted father. Edgar and the Meteor squadron was sent to southern border invading The Republic of Ustio and The Kingdom of Sapin. While invading Sapin the BAF met heavy resistance from the Sapin Air Force but while fighting the enemy forces, Edgar tended to fly low and strike unsuspecting prey from underneth this habit of his during combat earned him the name of Tiburón ( spanish for shark ) amoung the Sapin Air Force and their allies. As the war progressed belka was being pushed back and during The Second Battle for B7R the squadron was wiped out by The Demon Lord and Edgar witness the death of his father at the hands of the Demon Lord and tried to avenge his fallen comrads but was shot down himself. After safely bailing out of his aircraft he walk to the nearest airforce base friendly or not, while walking he noticed two pilots walking the other direction one An Osean Pilot and the other A Belkan Ace realizing he would waste even more time trying to catch up with the pair Edgar pressed onwards. Edgar managed to get back into friendly territory but his records did not show any activity after the battle of B7R.

Moving To Usea and the Usean Rebellion (1996-1998)[]

After the Belkan war was officaly over Edgar felt there was nothing left for him in belka and decided to move to Erusea. Edgar joined the FEAF and was trained by a friend of his mother, Edgar Grint the two Edgar's would teach each other while training Starke showing techniques passed down from belkan pilots and Grint showing techniques only Erusian pilots were brave enough to pull off. During outbreak of the rebellion Edgar was train pilots however a regular training mission went horribly wrong when they were ambushed by rebel forces Edgar survived the battle but felt he was responsible for the deaths of his comrades. After that Edgar was unoffically assigned to the 92nd Special Tactical Fighter Squadron assisting the mercenaries with their duties while he never met the pilots of the squadron prior he had heard amazing stories about them. Close to the end of the rebellion Edgar was on a late night patrol near north point and encountered a Red Aircraft and tried to shoot it down the battle ended in a stalemate with both of their aircrafts heavily damaged.

The Usean Continental War (2004-2005)[]

After the Ulysses Disaster Edgar remained in Erusea to help out with relief efforts as much as possible however as more and more refugees poured into Erusea and the surrounding areas, as tension between nations in the Usean continent builded up Edgar felt war was going to erupt soon Erusea finally started to invade other nations. A few hours after the start of the war Edgar learns there were 3 more belkan pilots in FEAF and commanders wanted him to join them and form the Corvus Squadron, dispite leading the invasion from the air across the Usean continent Edgar felt he was home again with his fellow pilots. Edgar led the squadron and the FEAF to victory but when the squadron secured Rigley AFB the FEAF commander felt Corvus Squadron should train pilots back in Erusea, while Edgar felt he should be needed on the frontlines they returned to Erusea to begin training new pilots. In a surprising turn of events Erusea was being pushed back from north point all because of a talented ISAF pilot called The Ribbon Fighter. As the situation got worse for Erusea the surpreme commander sent Corvus Squadron to do covert missions behind enemy lines while the legendary Yellow Squadron protected key areas for the Erusea military. After a while these covert missions went from destroying factories and air bases to attacking civilian cities this bothered Edgar and the squadron because of indiscriminate bombing the allied forces did in belka years ago. Edgar and the squadron defected to ISAF and took part in the battle of megaleth.

Circum-Pacific War (2010)[]

After The Usean Continnental War Edgar convinced the squadron to move to Osea and join the Osean Air Force as a unit. Edgar sucessfully intergrated into the OADF and was assinged as a flight instrustor on Sand Island AFB while Edgar showed his displeasure about his squadron being broken up he was assured it was only temporary. While on Sand Island Edgar faced discrimination from other pilots because of his belkan backround and the only people on the base that showed some sympathy was the one of the base mechanics named Pops and flight instructor Jack Bartlett. When Yuktobaninan declared war on Osea and launched a Air Raid Edgar was on the ground unable to take off because of engine troubles in the hanger and witness the wardog squadron in action in the aftermath of that day Edgar realized if he would ever play an important role in the war he would not be alone.