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Flag of Malikiya

Malikiya, officially the Emirate of Malikiya, is a small monarchy located on the southeastern corner of the Sotoan peninsula of Verusa. The country borders the Kingdom of Hajari Sotoa to the north, the United Sotoan Emirates to the west, and has a maritime border with the Kingdom of Sanabia to the south. It possesses large gas reserves off shore in its economic zone, which allowed Malikiya to become one of the wealthiest nations in Strangereal despite its small size.

The country is an absolute monarchy under the rule of the Emir of Malikiya, although some reforms towards establishing a more representative government had recently taken place.

Armed forces[]

The emirate spent much of its vast funds gained from the sale of gas on its military. Due to its small size and population, the Malikiyan Emiri Air Force (MEAF) has become the most developed branch, as the government considers it to be the most effective for projecting its influence abroad and defending its territory. It currently possesses a fleet of about 180 modern aircraft, with the primary fighters being the F-22, F-16, and to a lesser extent the Typhoon. The pilots receive training in Osea. The Malikiyan Emiri Land Forces consists of about 5,000 men for internal security and defense of the borders, having almost no armor or artillery. In addition the Malikiyan Security Force of some 2,500 tribal levies loyal to the Emir personally serves as a secret police and national guard. The Malikiyan Emiri Navy includes several patrol boats and a frigate for defending the emirates's territorial waters and economic zone.