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the Eurocopter EC-665 Is a Helicopter manufactured by OSEA and Yuktobania is known as Tiger,and in Sapin is known as Tigre.


eurocopter atacking rebel soldiers

The body of the Tiger is made from 80% carbon fiber reinforced polymer and kevlar, 11% aluminium, and 6% titanium. The rotors are made from fiber-plastic able to withstand combat damage and bird strikes. Protection against lightning and electromagnetic pulse is ensured by embedded copper/bronze grid and copper bonding foil.

it is used by many countries in USEA,OSEA and Anea Continents.a variant used by belka was the Eurocopter EC-665 UTH(Unterstützungshubschrauber Tiger) and a later 3.0 COFFIN version of this helicopter,called ECC-665 is in use by the Universal Peace Enhacment Organization(UPEO).


  • Osea Air Defense Force (OADF): have 300 units
  • Yuktobania Air Force (YAF): have 200 units
  • Belkan Air Force (BAF): 200 units untill the end of Belkan War, today number is unknown
  • Republic of Emmeria Air Force(REAF):have 100 units
  • Universal Peace Enchacment Organization (SARF):Have 500 units of ECC-665 and 300 more ordered untill 2055.


  • Maximun Speed: 315 km/h in earlier versions, 480 Km/h in Latter Versions
  • Speed: 80
  • Mobility: 72
  • Stability: 84
  • Defense: 90
  • Air to Air: 58
  • Air to Ground: 97


Gun: 25mm chaingun

Ungided Bomb(UGB)

Napalm Bomb(NPB)

Rocket Launcher Pod(RCL): SNEB Rockets

Air to Air Helicopter Missle (AAM): Mistral Missiles

Air to Ground Guided Missle(XAGM): AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles