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Broadsword's personal One seater F-15X Silent Eagle

The F-15X Stealth Eagle was built as a cross between the 3D TVC equipped F-15 ACTIVE and stealth version of the F-15E Strike Eagle,the F-15SE Silent Eagle. Its main role is as a stealth fighter,similar to that of the F-35 Lightning II,having less advanced stealth technology compared to the F-22A Raptor. It was developed as a cheaper solution to the F-22A Raptor.


This plane incorporates Silent Eagle's outward-canted vertical stabilizer,Conformal Weapon Bays(CWBs) and stealth coatings,as well as ACTIVE's 3D-TVC system and canards,which has been modified to be retractable to maintain stealth. The M61A1 Vulcan has been replaced by the lighter M61A2 Vulcan similar to that of the F/A-18 series and F-22A Raptor. Due to the installation of the canards,the Vulcan was repositioned from its original position in the right wing root to just above the intake,similar to the F-22A Raptor. Its Thrust-Vectored nozzles allowed it to perform the "Kulbit" and "Pugachev's Cobra" maneuver,like the Flanker families. During stealthy missions,the wing pylons are removed and a removable internal weapons bay is placed on the belly. The internal weapons bay could be fitted with either 6 AIM-120 AMRAAMS,6 AGM-88 HARMS,4 AGM-154 JSOWs,4 AGM-158 JASSM or 6 GBU-39s. The Conformal Weapon Bays could be fitted with 2 AIM-120 AMRAAMS,2 AIM-9 Sidewinders or 2 AGM-88 HARMS. After the stealth mission is completed,the aircraft can be reconfigured to carry more weapons,by removing the internal weapons bay,allowing 6 hardpoints to be utilised. The CWB is then replaced with CFT,providing 3 hardpoints each. The wing hardpoints are then installed back,giving the ability to mount 2 AIM-9 or AIM-120 on each hardpoint and a drop tank. This is also increased by the ability to carry additional AIM-120s on the lower fuselage corners and an additional pair of AIM-9 on a removable wingtip launcher. The F-15X is equipped with the latest AESA radar,the AN/APG-82(V2) derived from F-15E's AESA radar.

Ace Squadrons/Pilots

Razgriz Air Command Squadron(AC7)

28th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) “Garuda” (AC7)

118th Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW) "Mobius"(AC7)

37th Air Force 18th Fighter Wing 77th Special Tactical Fighter Squadron "Cerberus" (AC7)


  • Gun: 1x 20mm M61A2 Vulcan
  • Missiles: 2x AIM-9X Sidewinder

Special Weapons

  • 6LGB: GBU-39
  • JSOW: AGM-154 JSOW


Ace Combat 7

  • Speed: 95
  • Mobility: 99
  • Stability: 90
  • Defense: 75
  • Air-to-Air: 99
  • Air-to-Ground: 70