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The F-16G ALFP (Advanced Light Fighter Project) is a multirole fighter developed by Chimera Technologies Limited, a medium sized company that originally started its life as a small aircraft manufacturer and developed small jet powered tech demostrator aircraft such as the FNR-90 Taipan and the FNT-80 Mongol.


Inital Development[]

The company got the rights from the manufacturer of the F-16 to license produce their own version of the F-16. in 2011 the company began testing the aircraft systems with existing examples of the F-16C Fighting Falcon and even their FNT-80 Mongol which had similar handling and dimensions to the Falcon. The test flights went without a hitch and soon the real prototypes designated FNO-16G took to the skies in 2012. the FNO-16G differed from the F-16C in appearance the FNO-16G had an ADF-01 like Ventral fin in the aft section of the aircraft, the Cockpit was an All-Glass type with Voice Commands Like the F-35C Lighting II, there was application of RAM (Radar Abosorbent Material) in certain areas, making its radar cross section reduced, The Bubble Cockpit was even lined with a Radar reflective material and had more of a teardrop like shape in appearance, There were small Canards mounted on the front of the plane, they were mounted on a redesigned leading edge and a 25% increase in wing area was also noted as well. the plane was noted in test flights to be a "delight to fly, but a bit of a handful when rolling and turning", an improved Afterburning Turbofan The FL-90 gave the new aircraft increased acceleration, fuel mileage and supercuise capabilities. the turbofan was rated at 24,500lbs. of thrust.

Final Devlopment, Engine Troubles, and Manufacture[]

The FNO-16G's were taken to an Airshow in Cinigrad in June of 2012, were they were given high praise by many Osean, Aureilian, and Belkan Obeservers. Chimera Ltd. even got an offer from a Yuktobanian Air Force official though the offer was graciously turned down by the founder of the company, he stated. " The FNO-16G is undergoing final development a prototype cannot be trusted, until we do some debugging and final systems checks." however later that day one of the FNO-16G prototypes had an engine malfunction, the plane wavered from its straight flight path and began to flat spin, the plane suddenly shuddered and broke up impacting into runway 9-1 of Cinigrad International Airport. what was once a prototype fighter was a firey wreck on the tarmac. The Test Pilot ejected and safely returned with only bruises and minor burns. After the Air Show the company ordered all remaining FNO-16G prototypes grounded until the problem was found and fixed. The developers looked at the computer and engine controls and found that a simple computer error coupled with faulty fuel lines caused the FNO-16G aircrafts engine to falter and stall causing the wreck. After correcting the error in the computer and improved engine fuel lines were intsalled the FNO-16G's development continued without any further issues.

Finally on December 18th, 2012 the FNO-16G went into production as the F-16G ALFP (Advanced Light Fighter Project), the plane made many waves in the Aerospace community as well as civilian avation enthusiasts calling it a "new spin on an old classic", the plane was marketed to the world in 2013. with the OADF purchasing 2 production models, the Ustio Air Force purchasing 40 production models, and Yuktobania Purchasing 4 models for observation pruposes. the F-16G ALFP overall has not made many buyers, but with word spreading and many admirers the F-16G is likely to find a home within many world air forces looking to purchase a maunverable, cost effective fighter to replace ageing MiG-21s and Mirage IIIs.


  • Engine: One Chimera Technologies FL-90 Afterburning Turbofan Rated at 24,500lbs. of thrust.
  • Weapons: One 20mm Vulcan M-61A1 Cannon or 14.5mm HA Arms Three barrel Chain-Gun.
  • Up to 16,000lbs. of air to air and air to ground weapons including AGM-65 Maverick AGMs, IRIS-T Short Range Dogight Missiles, AIM-9X Sidewinder Short Range Dogfight Missiles, AIM-120 AAMRAAM, AGM-88E HARM, MBDA Meteor Long Range AAM, and or provsions for JDAM GPS guided bomb, Mk.82, Mk.83 and Mk.84 Free-fall Bombs.
  • Top Speed: Mach 2.3 (1450mph, 2340 kph.) at 40,000ft (12,190m)
  • Combat Radius: 1,100 miles (with Drop Tanks)
  • Service Ceiling: 50,505ft.


  • Speed: 75
  • Stability: 59
  • Mobility: 78
  • Air to Air: 78
  • Air to Ground: 67
  • Defense: 59