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As result of experiments conducted privately, this plane combines the best of two fighters: F-15C Eagle and Su-27 Flanker.


Being developed as experimental aircraft by Ustio's Castro Weapons Plant, it be never entered service, even in combat. The merger between the two aircraft allows for greater maneuverability, combined with powerful P&W F100 engines. Equipped with AESA radar on the nose, has the ability to engage targets in air, land and sea. Also has a radar on tail, which makes it possible to launch missiles from behind. During the 2000s, were conducted a series of tests with the aircraft, proving its performance and great potential in combat. For combat simulations it was equipped with a 20mm Vulcan, Mk-84 bombs and R-73 missiles. Tests with captured weapons from Belka were also conducted. Experimental flights were done until mid-2004, when the project was abandoned for lack of funds in the defense area. Only two prototypes (A - monoplace/B - biplace) were made and his fate remains unknown.


  • Gun: 1x 20mm M-61A1 Vulcan
  • Missiles: 2x R-73

Special weapons

  • UGBL: Mk-84
  • MPBM: 2x Multi Prupose Burst Missile
  • XMAA: R-77
  • TLS: 1xChemical Laser Pod


  • Speed: 83
  • Stability: 63
  • Mobility: 78
  • Air to Air: 85
  • Air to Ground: 73
  • Defense: 67