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In 2025, the Kyoto Heavy Industries F-2 series of aircraft were beginning to show their age, even with airframe rebuilds the aircraft was well overdue for retirement from the SASDF (Shiruba Air Self Defense Force) and other aerial arsenals around the world. It was at that time that the ASDF and KHI began to assess their options for a new Multirole aircraft that could replace the old F-2 Fleet. The Shiruban government was faced with two options, 1. Produce a domestic fighter or 2. Import or liscence copy an existing design from a foriegn ally.

The decision was made on March 12th, 2026 when KHI said it would produce a new generation of F-2 aircraft running under the name Viper II. Working with them would be the manufactuer of the F-16XF and XA series of aircraft; General Resources Limited. Since General Resource held the rights to the F-16 since aquiring Grunder Industries and the Orginal manufactuer of the F-16 Central Dynamics, it partially held rights to the F-2A,B, C, and D. The first prototype took flight on October 16th, 2026 and sample production would begin a year and a half later. A crash would occur on July 13th, 2027 but was the crash was ruled as pilot error. And final development would come along smoothly.

Improvements (2028-29)[]

The Sample production craft were rolled out in June of 2028, unlike the prototype that used an "All-Glass" Cockpit and conventional glazed windscreen, the samples along with their mass-produced brethren would all be equipped with the ENSI COFFIN 2.0 System, a flight interface system that dated back to the original ADF-01 FALKEN and was used in numerous fighters such as the F-16XF and R-101 fighters. The weapons were also changed over. Instead of the 14.5mm twin barrel cannon of the prototype, the production aircraft received a 25mm GAU-12 Gatling Cannon, updated fire control to use the HA Arms AAM-90 SRAAM and AAM-100 XLAA missiles also had provsions to equip the latest air to ground weapons such as the JDAM PGB and ASM-3 anti ship missile. The flight controls also integrated voice commands and touch screens (Carried over from the prototype) as well.


Powerplant: One Haruka Industry HI 246-1 Afterburning Turbofan with 29,900 Lbs. of Thrust Afterburn, 17,000 Dry.

Top Speed: Mach 2.2

Range: 620 Miles (997 Kilometers)

Service Ceiling: 59,000Ft. (18,000m)

Weapons: x1 25mm GAU-12 Equalizer Cannon

AAM-90 SRAAM (Designated AAM-90S)


AAM-100 XLAA (Only on exported versions)


ASM-3 Anti Ship Missile

Various other freefall bombs, rockets, and anti radiation missiles.