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"Oh god damn it! Lead sleds are comin' in from every corner of Osea!"
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The F-4K Phantom II FG.1 is a carrier-borne variant of the F-4 Phantom II. It is used heavily by the Royal North Point Air Force, and to a lesser extent, the Belkan Air Force.


The F-4K Phantom II was commissioned by the Royal North Point Air Force to McDonnell Douglas. The RNPAF was lacking in carrier based aircraft, being limited to old DH-110 Sea Vixens. North Point then exported the F-4K to Belka.

The F-4K was lightly used by Belka during the Belkan War, with a lot of them being destroyed by Ustian and Osean air raids.

Game Analysis[]

"A large carrier-based fighter, designed as an interceptor. While numerous variants exist, the K/FG.1-model was the one adopted by the navy. Based on craft designs of its time, it was developed as a fighter with standard missiles, and later reworked to incorporate machine guns— a staple of the E-model —based on feedback from sorties. Nowadays, it is an old-fashioned but classic fighter. It holds a number of flight records that are still impressive today. Adopted by numerous countries around the world, it is one of the best-selling jet fighters. The "Flying Footlocker" is considered one of the greatest aircraft of its time.."


  • Speed: Medium
  • Mobility: Low
  • Armor: High
  • Air to Ground: High
  • Air to Air: Medium
  • Stability: High


  • GUN: 2400
  • MSSL: 54
  • HVAA: 4
  • UGBL: 8
  • NPB: 6