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"It's a fusion bomb. What did you think it was?" Major Tom

"...Oh. Right." Lorenz Ryedie

The F-Bomb is one of the oldest superweapons in the 52 Pickup continuity, initially created as a way to convey anger, frustration or disdane, and later used in hopes of instigating such feelings in others.  It's been around almost as long as verbal communication in its original form, but more recently, a more literal F-Bomb was produced.  The types of F-Bombs are as follows:


These are the generic F-Bombs, and have been around longer than the interwebs.  When dropped, a simple "F***" is produced.

Precision F-Strike[]

A more "sophisticated" F-Bomb used to make a precision attack, such as when the Oseans bombed the F***ing Bakans at Stupidor in 1944.

Cluster F-Bomb[]

A MUCH more offensive version consisting of a large canister that splits into MANY F-Bombs that all detonate on target for massive insult.  May or may not be combined with a Precision F-Strike to deliver more F-Bombs onto one target.

Atomic F-Bomb[]

The most powerful F-Bomb variant.  Often dropped over a large city in order to piss off everyone in it; this version single-handedly ended the Bigger Ozone War after Osea dropped it on one of their own cities from a stolen Bakan bomber.  The resulting lawsuits forced Baka into bankruptcy, causing them to surrender.

Subvarient: WTF-Bomb[]

The WTF-Bomb was developed from the Atomic F-Bomb and is even more destructive yet at the same time less offensive.  See the main article for further details.