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The F/A-40 Crow is a multirole superfighter that was first developed after the Belkan War.


After the Belkan War many countries designed super weapons to prevent their land from being invaded.The Osean Goverment called for an aircraft that could fly at a maximum of 2,000 miles per hour, Have extreme manverability, carry deadly weapons, and be stealth. This so called "Continental Defense Fighter Program" Got a lot of attention fom many manufacturers. Kesco's Aircraft division proposed An aircraft to the Goverment dubbed the "Crow". This Large fighter met every requirement of the program but what made it special was it's Variety of exotic weaponry. The Crow had two main weapon systems,The MMS,The PBC ,and the HVPM.The MMS (Micro Missle System) consists of two pods mounted in the aircrafts missle bays these pods each hold 100 one foot missles which are good in a dogfight when fired in bursts of 20 .The PBC (Particle Beam Cannons) are two energy projectors that are stored in that can alternately be stored in the Aux. Missle bays. Each cannon operates by using electro-magnetic force to accelerate an atom to incredible speeds capable of shattering an aircraft into a thousand pieces. However, each shot uses up power so each cannon only has about 20 shots per charge. Finally the HVPM ( Hyper Velocity Pulse Missle), Is a Large Missle which is also alternately stored in the Aux. missle bays. It has a range of aproxamately 100 miles because it uses pulse engines which are exremely good at conserving fuel but also are capable of extreme speeds. The Osean Goverment approved this concept and by 2012 the1st prototype was ready. Tests on the prototype proved its stealthyness, they also gave the crow a top speed of 2300 mles per hour but cruise speed would usually be 500-1000 miles per hour . The Osean Goverment gave the ok for full production of just 4 aircraft which were all to be delivered to the "Jokebox" ace squadron. The first of which was delivered to the ace of aces Jokebox-1 ( Aleixiev Krovchiv) On June 17, 2014.


This aircraft Lived up to all expectations during the Osean Continental War. Only one plane was shot down while the Jokebox squadron was accounted for nearly .09% of all kills during the war. At the Battle of Dinsmark on December 31st, 2017 Alexiev Krovchiv ( Jokebox-1) Was deployed with his squadron to the battle but, when the ADF-02A-1 flown by Erik Felsen appeared on the battlefieled Alexiev heroicly told his squadron to fall back to base while he engaged in battle with the aircraft. Him along with many other Aces engaged in a dogfight with Lancelot and managed to destroy his aircraft but not without heavy losses.Unfortunately Alexiev's Aircraft was badly damaged and he suffered heavy wounds after crashing. He never flew again.

F/A-40R And F/A-40C[]

The Goverment proposed a reconissence aircraft based on the F/A-40 called the Raven.This aircraft would have bigger engines and no weapons to allow for heavy cameras and surveilence equipment, It never left the drawing board.The F/A-40C is An export version that is baisicly the same except for the removal of the PAC and MMS. It does however have some major upgrades to the avionics and aerodynamics including a COFFIN system and 3D thrust vectoring engines. this version first flew in 2020.

Crow 2

An Unmarked F/A-40C, Notice the COFFIN system and the 3 Dimensional thrust vectoring engines

Ace Squadrons[]


Stats (F/A-40)[]

  • Speed: 98
  • Mobility: 93
  • Stability: 83
  • Defense: 70
  • Air to Air: 100
  • Air to Ground: 90

Stats (F/A-40C)[]

  • Speed: 100
  • Mobility: 95
  • Stability: 86
  • Defense: 80
  • Air to Air: 90
  • Air to Ground: 90

Performance (F/A-40)[]

  • Top speed: Mach 3.2
  • Powerplant: CLASSIFIED
  • Range: 2400 miles
  • Service Ceiling: 80,000 feet
  • Specifications: Length: 70ft, Wingspan: 60ft, Hight: 20ft
  • Armament: 1 x GAU-25 'Equalizer' 25mm Cannon, 8x AIM-9X QAAMs (80 missles in game), 2x MMS (10 shots), 2x PBC (20 shots), 4x HVPM (30 in game)

Performance (F/A-40C)[]

  • Top speed: Mach 3.5
  • Powerplant: CLASSIFIED
  • Range: 2600 miles
  • Service Ceiling: 90,000 feet
  • Specifications: Length: 75ft, Wingspan: 65ft, Hight: 23ft
  • Armament: 1x GAU-25 'Equalizer' 25mm Cannon, 8x AIM-9X QAAMs (80 missles in game), 4x HVPM (35 in game), 2x FAEB (18 in game), 6x MLAA6 (30 in game)

Special Weapons[]

  • Micro Missle System
  • Particle Beam Cannons
  • Hyper Velocity Pulse Missle
  • Feul Air Explosive Bomb (F/A-40C)
  • Multiple Launch Anti Air Missle x6 (F/A-40C)