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The F32A Bull Rider was designed during the Circum-Pacific War by Ratio.It was used by the "Ghosts of Razgriz" to deter the Sapin army and liberate Ratio.Its main aeronautical breakthrough was the design of the Deltixed Wing (A combonation of Delta and Straight Wings).It also features a new type of laser called the Tactical Dual Use Laser (TDUL).


Max. Speed: Mach 2.5 (90%)

Manuverability: 98%





Tactical Dual Use Laser[]

The TDUL is a type of TLS,with two firing modes.

  • The first mode allows the TDUL to b used as a replacement for the gun,with multiple laser shots continually firing.This allows the F32A Bull Rider to have infinite ammunition.
  • The second mode is the continuous laser that the TLS has.

The only draw back is the power core must be replaced every year or the TDUL will cease to produce enough power to generate the laser.

The War of the Boundaries[]

The first combat scenario the F32A Bull Rider was used in was the "The War of the Boundaries" also know as the Ratioan War.