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FA-49C Peregrine is a next generation multirole fighter



Demands for stealth plane increases when Chengdu J-20, Sukhoi PAK-FA, F-22A, and F-35C showed up, FA-49C Peregrine was actually a dream of a kid, drawn on paper, and left on a bench in a park, how was the design recovered is unknown, but after several testing, scientist found that the plane actually a breakthrough they waited for years, and they started to build a prototype, and it worked almost flawlessly, but there's only one problem, fuel consumption, so the need of a new powerful engine makes many potential manufacturer pass to buy this plane blue print, then in an airshow in 2015, the plane flew as a demo showing the it's capability, beating F-22A and Su T-50 PAK-FA, then, it is known that this plane use Hybrid Pulse Detonation engine, which require lower fuel to make bigger combustion, making this plane have more power in it's maneuver without afterburner as most fighter needed afterburners to


the plane itself is based by F-22A, Su T-50 PAK-FA and Su-37 Terminator, then inspirations like fictional F/A-37 Talon for the missile compartment