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The FRCS Magistrate was a West Clavian aircraft carrier and the flagship of the Clavian Navy. She was the oldest aircraft carrier of the fleet in service and one of the most battle-hardened vessels, having served in the Pangora conflict, the Lighthouse War, and the Second Clavian War.


Construction of the Magistrate began in the late 1970s in response to the heightening of tensions between Osea and Yuktobania from their Cold War, and the aggressive seizure of disputed islands by the Clavian People's Army Navy. The carrier was built by the Sanoran Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company and laid down in 1988.

The first major deployment of the Magistrate was at the disputed Mosana Islands in November 1989, to deter East Clavian ships from securing the area.

Throughout the conflicts that erupted from Ulysses Disaster, the Magistrate has participated as part of the IUN's peacekeeping efforts in the waters of the Usean, Anean and Verusan continents.

Second Clavian War[]

Following the outbreak of war in October 2029, the Magistrate provided air support for FDF ground forces in Tagon City. However, much of her fighters were lost by the Seiryu. She became the home base of Orca and Mantis Squadron shortly after the attack on Roberg Air Base.

During Operation Typhoon, the Magistrate and her warships came under attack by East Clavian fighters near the Sima Atoll. Orca and Mantis Squadrons were scrambled to intercept the hostiles, before assisting the West Clavian Marines in retaking the islands.


During one of the final operations against the National Resurgence Army on Pangora, the Magistrate battlegroup was struck by a salvo from an NRA-controlled Gladius satellite. The enormous waves generated by the salvo's impact completely capsized the carrier and much of her escorts. The surviving crew members were then rescued by the Bimani.