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The Federal Defense Forces of Clavis, abbreviated the FDF, are the armed forces of West Clavis. The Federal Defense Forces is one of the largest standing military forces in the world with a reported personnel strength of around 2 million (700,000 active and 1,500,000 in reserve) in 2029.

The Federal Defense Forces were founded shortly after the establishment of the West Clavian government following Clavis' liberation at the end of the Sotoan-Pacific War. The FDF are responsible for the defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the West Clavian state. The West Clavian military also partakes in peacekeeping and humanitarian efforts worldwide as one of the largest contributors to the IUN-PKF on the Verusan continent.


  • Clavian Air Force
  • Clavian Army
  • Clavian Marine Corps
  • Clavian Navy