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The Federation of Nordland is a country on the Western Osean continent, it is landlocked to the west and is bordered by FATO to the west and Wielvakia to the southwest and south. to its east is the Spring Sea and the Usean Nation of Erusea. It has had no major military action in modern history besides providing peacekeeping troops to Kaluga in 1995 and logistical support to the ISAF during its invasion of Erusea in 2005. Its government is headed by the 36th President of Nordland Tyler Krupp and has a legislative branch with a Senate and House, judical branch functions exactly as the Osean supreme court and has tweleve judges serving at given time or appointment. Its capital Jorgenson is in the country's northern province and is known to be a tourist trap for travelers.

Climate and Geography[]

Like many of its West Osean neighbors it is a temperate country with four distinct seasons, the main difference is that its summers are generally a couple degrees cooler than its neighbors. A range of mountains and highlands are in the north of the country and are known as the Vasel Range, its highest point is Mount Vasel at 13,430ft. and is popular attraction to vacationers during the summer. The rest of the nation especially in the south are flat grasslands, and hilly regions. Its eastern half is home to a group of small woodlands made of conifer trees, deciduous trees and bush, its coasts have vast sandy beaches and small cliffs.


The branches of the military goes as follows.

Nordland Air Force (NAF)

Nordland Maritime Force (NMF)

Marines (known as Marine)

Nordland Army (NA)

Special Operations Command (SOC)

Military based on current data is approxamentally 175,000 active personel on duty. A reserve force numbering approxamentally 65,600 can be called upon in case of national or provincial emergency, in addition several thousands more can be called to service through conscription or enlistment. Equipment is lisenced built from contractural obligations with major defense contractors in Osea, Yuktobania, Aurelia, Union of Shiruba, and Belka. Internal sources such as Grendel National Defense Industries produce small arms, helicopters (attack and transport), and scout vehicles.


Tanks: Leopard 2A4, Leopard 2A6M

APC: Puma IFV, M113A4

Helicopters: EC Tiger, EC AS332 Super Puma, HH-9, CH-47 Chinook

Fighters: F-16C, F-15C, Su-27 "Flanker", Su-37 Terminator, F-15 ACTIVE, F-14D Super Tomcat

Attackers: Jaguar Gr.1, Tornado IDS, A-10A Thunderbolt II, F-2A Viper Zero

Bombers: B-52H Stratofortress, Tu-22M-3 "Backfire"

Multirole: Rafale M, F/A-18C Hornet, JAS-39 Gripen C

Other: C-130, C-5B Galaxy, E-3 Sentry


Rifle: M-4A1 (5.56x45mm), HK-33 (5.56x45mm)

Pistol: Ruger P-95 (9x19mm), Mk.23 SOCOM (.45ACP)

Sniper Rifle: M-40A3 (7.62x51mm), M-14EBR (7.62x51mm), M-107 (.50BMG)

Shotgun: Remington 870 Tactical (12ga.)

Light Machine Gun: HK MG-4 (5.56x45mm)

Heavy Machine Gun: Browning M-2 (.50BMG)