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Fenrir Air Command Squadron is an elite fighter squadron under Calamity Haven.


Fenrir Squadron is the most elite fighter squadron operating under Calamity Haven. It consists of the best pilots of Calamity Haven, and are known for their incredible combat ability, never being shot down and never failing a mission. They are also known to pilot extremely advanced fighter aircraft, such as the CFA-44 Nosferatu, and the ADF-01 FALKEN. Generally, only one pilot from Fenrir is sent in whenever they are called, as that is all that is necessary in order to complete a mission, or turn the tide of any battle.

Planes belonging to Fenrir all possess a black and dark gray color scheme, with the right wing bearing a white decal that outlines the edge of the wing, with another decal of the same shape on the inside. Their insignia depicts a wolf's head with a white arrow running diagonally up to the left.


  • Fenrir One - ??? - ADFX-01 Morgan
  • Fenrir Two - ??? - ADF-01 FALKEN
  • Fenrir Three - ??? - X-02 Wyvern
  • Fenrir Four - ??? - XFA-27
  • Fenrir Five - ??? - CFA-44 Nosferatu