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The First Forsan Civil War was a moderate-scale civil conflict which took place between 2003 and 2007 on the Verusan island nation of Forsa, between Forsan government forces under the leadership of totalitarian Grand Chancellor Erdo Anokian and various rebel groups that would eventually come together to form the Unified Forsan Liberty Front. The conflict was secretly stoked by the Belkan nationalist group known as the Grey Men, in order to heighten already-growing tensions between the Osean Federation, who supported the rebels, and Yuktobania, who was backing the government forces. Osea would eventually intervene directly in the conflict in November 2006 after the Forsan government unleashed chemical attacks on its citizens, as well as on the Osean Embassy in the city of Thurban, and the conflict would end in a rebel victory roughly one year later in December 2007.