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Flight Integrated Support
Use Combat Aircraft Attack and Defense Support
Invented By Actis Incorporated
Used By Osean Air Defense Force
Union of Anea

The Flight INtegrated Support system is a new experimental weapons system. The system deploys a number of small flight capable weapons (FINS) around an aircraft that provide offensive and defensive support to the aircraft. Due to the complexity of the system, it can only be used on COFFIN enabled aircraft with a Combat Artificial Intelligence installed. The FINS can also be used while on the aircraft, providing extra firepower without detaching from the plane.


  • Version 1.0 - Developed in secret by Actis Incorporated and not enabled on any aircraft. It was a prototype meant solely to provide research to better the system. This system did not operate with a battle AI, and would not be effective if installed in an aircraft.
  • Version 2.0 - The fully operational system integrated onto the ASX-123 Arondight. This system is controlled mainly by the pilot with little assistance from the battle AI, requiring the pilot to have extreme spatial awareness able to multitask to an inhuman degree in order to control each FIN individually. Furthermore, the pilot must be synchronized with the battle AI and in turn the aircraft in order to be able to deploy the FINS. An advantage of this system is that, although extremely difficult to use, it reacts in the same exact manner as the pilot, providing for extreme combat capability matching those of the pilot.
  • Version 2.5 - The updated system created by the Union of Anea using the stolen plans of version 2.0, it is used on the ASF-S20 Schleifen. Unlike version 2.0, the FINS are controlled mainly by the battle AI under command of the pilot, not requiring the user to be fully synchronized with the aircraft to use it. Although easier to use, it does not match the capabilities of the pilot, meaning they are less integral to the capabilities of the aircraft than version 2.0.

Supported Aircraft[]