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"The drones are launching, there's nothing to worry about now."
—Ronin commenting on the MQ-99 launch while escaping

Florent "Ronin" Nollet, callsign Ronin. A mysterious Erusean ace, there has been a great deal of misinformation and confusion regarding this person as it was found after the war that his official records were falsified by high ranking Erusean officials. It is thought that the name "Florent Nollet" is a pseudonym for a mercenary pilot hired by the Erusean Air Force, his country of origin or affiliation is unknown. It is commonly thought that he was hired from a PMC based on Port Edwards, but this information has not been verified.

Ronin was involved in the operation launched by Osean forces to rescue the former Osean president Vincent Harling from the International Space Elevator, at the time held by Erusean forces. According to the official report, Ronin was part of a combat air patrol mission to the north of Gunther Bay and was returning to his base when Osean forces penetrated the airspace. Due to lack of fuel, Ronin did not seek to engage in combat and instead attempted to leave the area, but was pursued and shot down over Selatapura by planes of the OADF's Mage Squadron. As he failed to return to his base and was not found by rescue teams, he was officially listed as missing in action. However, rumors and speculation have suggested that he was actually working directly for the high Erusean officials that falsified the report, or perhaps for some unknown third party. According to this theory, Ronin was scrambled to the area as soon as the Osean forces that initiated Harling's rescue operation (Operation Lighthouse Keeper) were detected, but did not engage directly as his purpose was merely to to gather intelligence and to give the signal to initiate an already planned assassination operation on Harling, utilizing IFF spoofing technology to carry out the strike, putting the blame on Osean friendly fire while clearing Erusea from any suspicion. Regardless of this, Nollet was shot down by Mage Squadron and is oficially listed as MIA, but the truth of the story behind him, his allegiance, motivations or whereabouts are unknown to the public and they will remain so for the foreseeable future.