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Osea, officially the Free Republic of Osea, also known as the Osean Republic, is a large nation located on the Osean Continent. Like the nation that preceded it, it encompasses a very large portion of the continent, even staking claims into Belkan, Ustian and Sapinish territory. It is bordered by the aforementioned countries to the East, Wellow to the North, and the Unified Republic of Aurelia (Formerly Aurelia and Leasath) to the South.

In terms of economic stability, the country adopted a new currency almost immediately after it formed, called the Osean Dollar. Emanuel Rodriguez, the "Supreme General" of Osea, claimed that this new currency would help distinguish it from the countries of Erusea (Which uses the Usean Dollar), Belka (which uses the Belkan Reichmark) and Aurelia (which uses the Aurelian Credit). The country's commanding officers pride themselves on the country's military, which experienced a mass reorganizing into the Osean Military Forces, or OMF. This includes the Osean Air Force, Osean Naval Force, and Osean Marine Corps.


The Osean Republic was founded in blood, on the date of January 22nd, 2024, the inauguration date of Vincent Harling, who would have become the first President since Frederick Smith to serve a fourth term in office, when he was assassinated by a terrorist faction calling themselves "Deathshead". In the confusion, both locally and internationally, created by the brazen assassination of a world leader on international television, a coup d'état took place, with Deathshead operatives swiftly reforming the Osean Federation into the Free Republic of Osea. Later that month, Supreme General Emanuel Rodriguez announced that Osea would leave both ISAF and FATO, a move which shocked fellow members of the United Nations. In February, the leaders of Osea declared they would be boycotting any products not made with an Osean stamp, and would seal their borders off from any outsiders, provided they weren't from Estovakia or Yuktobania. These actions infuriated many of the world's leaders, but paled in comparison to the March 15th surprise attack on Valais Air Base, in eastern Ustio.

Osean Continental War[]

On March 15th, 2024, the Osean Air Force undertook an air raid on the remote Valais Air Base, with the intent on destroying it, and any fighter squadrons stationed there. However, the assailing force faced heavy resistance from the Belkan Air Force 7th Air Division, 22nd Reserve Fighter Squadron, which was stationed at the base. Between the hours of 0550 and 1050, Osean and Belkan fighters engaged in a heated firefight, which would ultimately see the Osean forces defeated, with all bombers and fighters shot down. Regardless, the Osean government considered the air raid a success. This event would kick-start the Osean Continental War, which would rage throughout the continent until January of 2030.