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"It's... It's that the bullshark?"
Erusean soldier

The GAV-25 Bullshark is one of the VTOL aircraft of the Osean Air Defense Force and the only VTOL aircraft in the Erusean Air Force. This aircraft specializes in Air-to-Ground combat; its sheer potential firepower makes it a formidable asset in Close Air Support tactics with its powerful 30mm machine gun. But with powerful armaments, it trade with low speed and bad maneuverability, and is only capable of equipping heat-seeking missiles, making it somewhat pretty vulnerable to hostile interceptor aircraft.


In the 1986, Osea starts developing more Close Air Support aircrafts to replace the Su-25TM Frogfoot, as the older aircrafts like the F-4E Phantom II are too fast and not suitable for Close Air Support tactics. Wernher and Noah Enterprises create the GAV-25 Bullshark, it was a superior until the A-10 Thunderbolt II and the better version of the GAV-25, the GAV-25TM Bullshark were created. Erusea also steal the blueprint of the GAV-25, with low production costs, it become one of the main attacker in the EAF, along with the Su-25 Frogfoot and the Su-34 Fullback. Now the GAV-25 Bullshark was used much less but still very powerful and used a lot.



  1. Osea: Russian Air Force blue camouflage.
  2. Erusea: Dark green and green forest camouflage.
  3. Special: Su-25UT trainer paint scheme; blue back with white body and red spots across the side.
  4. Raven: Black body with light green underside; based on modern Russian Air Force design.