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The Fairchild Republic GAV-26 Wipeout is a stealth single-seat, twin-turbofan, straight-wing, subsonic attack aircraft developed by Fairchild Republic and Wernher and Noah Enterprises for the Osean Air Defense Force. In service since 2006, it is commonly referred to as the 'Stealth Hog'. The GAV-26 was designed to provide close air support (CAS) to friendly ground troops by attacking armored vehicles, tanks, and other enemy ground forces like the A-10 Thunderbolt and its stealth brother like the A-10S Stealth Warthog; it is the only production-built aircraft designed solely for CAS to have served with the Osean Air Force along with the GAV-25 Bullshark and the GAV-25TM Bullshark II and the A-10 Warthog. Its secondary mission is to direct other aircraft in attacks on ground targets, a role called forward air controller-airborne. The GAV-26 features enhanced stealth capabilities.

The Circum-Pacific War is when the aircraft distinguished itself, creating heavy losses for the Yuktobanian and Belkan ground forces. The GAV-26 also participated in other conflicts that Osea participate in and many other wars and conflicts around the world, and the most recently in the Lighthouse War.


The Wipeout is a twin turbofan-engined, ground attack jet that uses a cantilever low-wing monoplane wing design with a wide chord. It is meant to be used exclusively for ground attack and close air support.


By default, the Wipeout is armed with a 30 and 35 mm Gatling cannon that is loaded with 4800 rounds of high-explosive (HE) ammunition.


When paired against the A-10S Stealth Warthog, the Wipeout has a slower stall speed, which combined with its usage of decelerons enables it to perform better in low altitude flight, valuable for when performing Close Air Support and conducting recon with the targeting pod.

However, when compared to the A-10S Stealth Warthog it takes almost twice as long for the Wipeout to reach its top speed due to being the heavier and have smaller engine than the A-10S. Furthermore, it will bleed this speed rapidly in turns and if ambushed by faster and higher flying jets, the Wipeout will struggle to flee or be able to conduct defensive/offensive manoeuvres.


Since the Wipeout is designed exclusively for CAS and short-range interdiction missions, employing it for SEAD missions or air superiority is ill-advised. Ideally, faster and higher flying (and SEAD-capable) aircrafts such as the F-35 Lightning should be used to clear the way for the Wipeout first.

As a consequence, modern SAM systems and air superiority fighters will pick off the Wipeout before the pilot can get close enough but due to its stealth capabilities, the GAV-26 can get radars easily and complete the mission. However, in close air support missions, the aircraft is still pretty vulnerable to modern air defense vehicles and enemy fighters.



  • 1x 30mm (1.18in) GAU-8 Avenger rotary cannon

Standard Missiles:[]

  • STDM (AIM-9 Sidewinder)

Air-to-Air Weapons:[]

  • AIM-9X Sidewinder

Air-to-Ground Weapons:[]

  • AGM-154 JSOW
  • GBU-16 Paveway II
  • Hydra 70
  • Hydra 70
  • Mark 82
  • Mark 83
  • Mark 84
  • CBU-87)
  • GBU-53/B Stormbreaker)
  • AGM-84 Harpoon)
  • AGM-88 HARM)
  • AGM-65 Maverick)
  • AGM-179 JAGM)

Gun pods:[]

  • GPU-2/A
  • GPU-5/A
  • GPU-5/A
  • SUU-16/A


  • 4x Flares


  1. Grey air superiority camouflage based on the F-22A Raptor.
  2. Forest camouflage with white belly.
  3. Four-tone green, brown, blue and grey mottled "JAWS" aggressor camouflage.
  4. White body with black nose design; replica of modified A-10 used by the 118th Fighter Squadron 103rd Fighter Wing "Flying Yankees".
  5. Gray body with dark and white stains. Known as "Flipper" camouflage.
  6. Varcolac Squadron livery.