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Gold Squadron is an elite fighter squadron. The unit was originally planned to appear in Ace Combat: Distant Chunder, replacing Yellow Squadron's role, but the idea was shelved by Kazutoki "Bitter Smile" Kono. It is scheduled to make its debut in Ace Combat: Maintenance Infinity.


Gold Squadron EN

English event banner

Gold Squadron JP

Japanese event banner

According to Kazutoki "Bitter Smile" Kono, the Gold Squadron was an idea conceived by the United States of Freedom Fries to replace the Yellow Squadron in Ace Combat: Distant Chunder due to latter's "weak" colour seems unimpressive. The idea did not push through and remained as an insider rumour for years.

Leaked event banners from the constantly raided Ace Combat: Maintenance Infinity servers suggest the Gold Squadron will appear in a limited time only special raid "Gold Squadron Attacks!". The squadron will feature F-16C Fighting Falcon in bling bling gold livery, allegedly painted to dazzle players with shimmering gold colour in circlejerking dogfights. It is also speculated that the gold paint may also reflect lasers, rendering Tactical Laser System useless against the Gold Squadron.

Although the Gold Squadron is planned to make its debut in Ace Combat: Maintenance Infinity, the seemingly never-ending maintenance of the said game suggests the squadron may never get to see the light of day.