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Gravity Distorter Device
Use Reduces the effects of G-Forces on Pilots
Invented By Jon Goodvin in 2004
Used By Most Nations and Corporations


The Gravity Distorter Device (GDD) was installed in all aircraft after the Circum-Pacific War. This device works against the force of gravity reducing the effects of the G-Forces on the pilot.


The GDD was was conceived in 2004 by Jon Goodvin, an Osean. He lived in Oured and had a highly succesful career as a scientist. He helped to create the Arkbird and other highly important inventions. However, the Osean government ignored him until the deployment of the ADF-01 Falken in the Circum-Pacific War. Aircraft capabilites could not be fully utilised due to the G-limits on the human body. So they tested and began production and installment of the GDD on several batches of aircraft by March 2011.


Jon Godvin founded a corporation on the GDD, and exported it to several countries and organizations who exported it to their allies. This countinued to happen until every nation and major corporation had received the GDD.