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Project H.A.L.O[]

Before the outbreak of the Circum Pacific Conflict, Osea and its main military weapon manufactuer, Grunder Industries, started a project for a hypersonic laser armed attacker. The goal was to build an aircraft that could attack larger areas with a laser and EMP weapons and due to its speed, could be deployed to any point on the planet. It also was planned to be able to avoid radar detection as well as fighters sent to pursue the. Grunder aeronautical engineers built the XF-1, as a test plane for the H.A.L.O project as it was named. H.A.L.O stands for Hypersonic Airborne Laser Ordinance. The XF-1 hypersonic jet was equipped with a smaller version of the laser that would eventually be sent to the Arkbird during the Circum Pacific conflict.


It's history was brief, due to a computer malfuntion that caused laser to aim at the cockpit instead of the target, It fired at the cockpit killing the test pilot. After an investigation by the OBI, Osean Investigation Bureau, it was determined that along with the computer malfunction, also the placing of the laser and its range of aim also took part allowing the laser to fire upwards leading to the crash and death of the pilot. It was brought up to restart the program and build a new hypersonic test plane, as well as laser, but with the outbreak of war with Yuktobonia the project was canceled. The finding of Grunder Industries back side agenda and that they still were affiliated with Belka, this also makes it less possible of it being restarted after the war.Lastly it's high price tag and very expiremental technologies would in turn also deter them from the redevelopment of the project. If the plane ever lead to a production model, it would have been able to launch a small UCAV when flying at supersonic or subsonic speed. The purpose of it would to lead any potential counter weapons if developed by any country from striking the XF-1 as the UCAV, UF-15 would have flown away from the XF-1 and causing the weapon to lock on to itself instead. Unfortunately the UCAV would cause drag and thus limiting the top speed of the XF-1 in flight. This flaw may have lead to a more armored production plane or having a production XF-1 that might one day be vulnerable to enemy weapons built to counter it. Although its unlikely to be built, as cheaper and newer weapons are being developed.