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The HB-106 is one of the bomber of the Osean Air Defense Force and limited numbers in the Erusean Air Force. It has a high payload capacity and is designed for high-altitude carpet bombing.


In the 1995, the Osean military realized that the B-52H is too slow and less maneuverability and can get shot down easily by enemy fighters. Wernher and Noah Enterprises created the B-11 Super Lancer, the B-11 were very good but it's not created for high altitude tactical bombings, and Wernher created a bomber for high altitude bomber, the HB-106 Blackjack.

Erusea quickly steal its blueprint and created the HB-106 for the EAF, the HB-106 were used limited in both Continental War and Lighthouse War due to its high costs production.


Unlike its cousin, the B-11 Super Lancer, the HB-106 is more apt for high-altitude bombing runs. It can reach impressive speeds in the air, especially when high up, giving it an edge over Surface-to-Air Missiles.