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[[Category:Belkan Military]]
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The Heckler & Koch USP, or Universale Selbstladepistole (meaning universal self-loading pistol), is the semi-automatic sidearm of choice for the Belkan military and special forces units throughout the Strangereal World. Though fairly well-known as the sidearm of the Belkan Bundeswehr, the weapon gained its popularity mostly from its use by the Osean Green Berets during the Belkan War and later conflicts.

A USP45 with its .45 ACP rounds.

Like the HK416, HK417, and MP5, the USP was produced by an Ustian-based subsidiary company of the famous Belkan arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch, which marketed its product on the international market. This allowed the weapon to be acquired by many different operators.


The USP, or P8 as it is called by the Bundeswehr, is a semi-automatic short-recoil handgun. It comes in three different calibers; the basic USP40 that uses an Osean made .40S&W cartridge, the Belkan preferred USP9 with a 9x19 parabellum round, and the USP45 of the Osean Green Berets that utilizes a .45 ACP cartridge. Many other models are available, all of them built around these three basic variations. These include the USP Compact, the USP Tactical and USPCT (Compact Tactical) favored by some sections of the ISAF military, the USP Custom Sport designed for target shooting, and the USP Elite, among others.

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