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"All escorts, form up for another attack Point is 835."
—Pyro after seeing the base haven't received enough damage

Huang "Pyro" Xuan Tai, callsign Pyro was a Veteran of the Continental War, Huang became known in it for his aggressive combat style and reckless behavior. While his combat record during that war was not particularly impressive, downing only three ISAF aircraft and being himself shot down on January 24, 2005 during an ISAF landing operation on southeast Usea, the experience gained and the passing of years that cooled his temper made him a very effective combat pilot even with his outdated MiG-21bis Fishbed.

As the Erusean Air Force generals began preparations for the Lighthouse War, Huang volunteered to be part of the opening strikes on IUN bases located on the easternmost side of the Usean continent. On May 15, 2019 he was tasked with escorting the third wave of bombers and performing battle damage assessment of the attacks on Fort Grays Air Base and the aircraft carrier OFS Albatross at the time located at the docks of the island. While the initial bombing runs were successful, he and the group of bombers were engaged by IUN-affiliated Osean Air Defense Force's Mage and Golem squadrons, which had scrambled to protect the base from further damage.

Shot down by Mage Squadron, his plane was crippled and exploded mid-air before before he was able to eject. After the war, he has a memorial in Farbanti and is remembered as a great hero in Erusea.