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The I-4M A-NO/0B Megakiller was the most deadly and cool-looking airplane ever to be created. The Megakiller was designed by Wedefyphysics Industries, in close cooperation with Godmodding Incorporated. It was only given to the best allied aces during the Super War, who used the plane to vaporize all of Baka.


The Megakiller was made to be unbeatable. It was covered with indestructible armor. It had a top speed of Mach 24, and could always turn on a dime. It never ran out of ammo because it constantly built bullets, bombs, missiles, etc inside of it. It was also 100% invisible to radar. It has the most advanced version of DOS (called Megakiller Stealth). The Megakiller Stealth makes it invisible to the naked eye and can be continuously turned on, non-stop. It doesn't have characteristic ripples when activated, making detection virtually impossible. All known energy sources can be used to fuel this badass fighter.


  • 30mm Rotary Gun with Nuclear Tracer Rounds
  • Hydrogen Super Missiles
  • Mini Death Star Laser
  • Roundhouse Kicks


  • Speed: Infinite
  • Mobility: Infinite
  • Stability: Infinite
  • Defense: Infinite
  • Air-to-Air: Infinite
  • Air-to-Ground: Infinite
  • Spility (WTF?): Infinite


  • This article was inspired by the infamous Hellhawk incident. I hoped my satire would lighten many of the rather strong feelings that still surround the unfortunate mishap.
  • We have no idea what spility is either.