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[Made by ThatGarudaThree]

The IRAQ [Insanely Retarded Axis Qoalition] is a dumb ripoff of the Insanely Stupid Allied Forces. Apparently the nations on the Verassean Continent wanted to make their own Personnal Union. They killed millions of Ozzean nuggets. Plus these dumbfucks couldn't spell Coalition correctly. The Verassean Continent is known for having no damn education at all, so that explains alot. First, they tried making the QoCA [Qoalition of Complete Assholes] but due to the weak as shit economy it failed within ten seconds. Although somehow the IRAQ has been existing for 50 years, probably because they are a complete ripoff dumber than the ISAF. They have participated no war at all except for the Nuggets Uprising, due to the fact they are pussies as fuck.


The Flag of IRAQ

Seriously, what the fuck?

It consists of Pukeobania, Verassea and Shittoa.

Involvement during the Ozzean Nugget Shit Warfare

2019. They sent their Suckdickhoi planes and Mickeymouse-Gayavich planes in to fight the Ozzean Nuggets (rookies) rebelling on Shit Island, since they thought they can be the same as the Assgriz Squadron. Then they used the Skintaxi to fire it's Flying Explosive Taxi Cars [FETC], and they struck the rebelling Nuggets, but these scrubs didn't surrender and sent more Chicken Nuggets into the air. Soon enough the IRAQ won and actually proved themselves that they can actually do shit, thanks to the ultimate overpowered cheats on the Suck and MiG planes. Ozzea said that IRAQ sucks that they use cheats, but it got tag-teamed and the President of Ozzea went to go cry in a corner, because his feels were impacted way too hard.