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This is my first page i created in this wiki, so wish me luck :P. Oh, yeah btw everyone can edit it. So enjoy my story. Maybe i'm funny, maybe not. Also, my first language was french, so sorry for my english.

Aces of Razgriz[]

Act One: The Arrival[]

Oured, Osea, present day. Blaze and Nagase are sitting down at breakfast with their three-year old daughter. Blaze is getting ready to go to his job as a radar software developer, while Nagase is listening to music and feeding her child at the same time.

Blaze looks out the window at the sound of a passing jet. The outside skyline changes abruptly from Oured's to that of New York City. 

Puzzled, he looks away from the window for a second (presumably at the audience) before returning his attention to the window, which shows a view of night in lower Manhattan. 

He turns to Nagase to voice his concern, but notices that while the kitchen remains intact, the rest of the house has become a blank apartment, with the rest of the rooms being bare. 

Blaze: Hey Edge. (She does not reply. He grows paranoid and looks at her. She is staring at him like he is a Yuktobanian soldier who threatens to kill her and the injured Sea Goblin members).

Nagase: You see this too, right?

Blaze: Yeah. (Both exchange long, questioning look of bewilderment.)

Daughter: Mommy, why is it dark?

Nagase: I don't know, sweetie. Does Daddy know?

Daugter: Daddy, do you know?

Blaze: Daddy doesn't know anything, sweetie. 

The living room suddenly materializes. A lamp-lit room with a dirty carpet, wooden walls populated with band posters, an entertainment center with a rock album on vinyl, and a couch in the center occupied by a long-haired, unconscious Alvin Davenport. On the floor beside him sleeps Jack Bartlett.

Nagase: (shrieks) WHO'S THAT?

Bartlett (having been awoken, closes his eyes tighter): Sheesh, keep it DOWN, Nastasie. It's just a pet. (falls back asleep)

Blaze: It's--It's Bartlett! (turns to Nagase)

Nagase: JACK Bartlett? 

Blaze: THE Jack Bartlett! What's he doing here? What happened to our house? WHAT IS GOING ON?

(A crash is heard in the bedroom, waking Davenport and Bartlett, and causing Blaze's daughter to cry. Nagase comforts her.)

Bartlett: What was that? NASTASYA? 

Davenport (sitting up and looking kitchenwards): Kid? Nagase?

Bartlett (now looking kitchenwards): Hey, it's Kid. Hey, K--(realizes something is out of place, turns to Davenport, who replies with a skeptical expression) What's Kid and Nagase doing in our kitchen? What HAPPENED to our kitchen? 

Davenport: I don't know...did we do any drugs last night? I don't remember...

Blaze: Why would you do drugs? Why are you even here? What? What's going on?

Bartlett: WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU? All's I know is I went to go see Motormouth's gig at the sky bar (points at Davenport) and ended up having to haul his drunk ass home! I wasn't sober either! Then Nastasya said she wanted to come over, then I passed out at some point, and now I wake up to a crash in her bedroom and Kid and Nagase sitting in my kitchen?

Nagase: Ok, but what WAS that in the bedroom? Guys, go check! 

Blaze automatically stands up to investigate, followed by Davenport. Bartlett is reluctant to follow, but does anyway. Being unfamiliar in a new apartment at night, they take forever to reach the hallway that leads to the bedroom.

Blaze: Chopper? Is that you?

Chopper: No one's called me "Chopper" in six years...MAN, AM I GLAD TO SEE YOU! (He is shushed by Blaze and Bartlett)

Blaze: I thought...aren't you supposed to be dead?

Bartlett: Don't worry about it, kid, you'll get used to it. 

Blaze: What?

Chopper reaches the bedroom and opens the door to find Hans Grimm lying at an unnatural angle on the floor, wearing an OADF flight suit and helmet, in a position which indicates that he has just slammed into the bedroom wall at a generous speed, and then bounced back to lie on the floor. Chopper, Blaze, and Bartlett enter the well organized, clean, somewhat bare bedroom and gather around an unconscious Grimm.

Bartlett (after a long, inspective pause): What IS that?

Blaze: It's Archer. 

Archer (waking up and coughing): What? What just...(he gets surprised) Why am I in my bedroom? WHO ARE YOU GUYS?

Blaze (helping him to his feet): Calm down, calm down, it's me. Blaze. 

Archer: Blaze? THE Blaze? What are you doing here?

Blaze: Yeah, it's me, Blaze. This is Chopper, and this is Bartlett. 

Archer: What's going on? Why are you guys here? Why am I in my bedroom? Wasn't I just on approach a second ago?

Bartlett: I don't know. Everybody seems to have been organized into one house. Come out here, you look awful.

Archer, Bartlett, Blaze, and Chopper walk out to the kitchen and a frightened Nagase.

Nagase: Who's--Is that Archer? WHY? WHAT'S HAPPENING?!

Blaze: Calm down, let's all sit and--

At this moment, the lights in the apartment go off. Nagase is about to scream, when a pale, bright blue cloud materializes in the living room. It takes on the form of a balding, yet well-built smiling man wearing crew chief overalls and a thin beard. Beside him, a black labrador with a black collar materializes. 

Blaze: Is that--

Pops: ...Yeah...I know. It's a lot to take in. I see Nagase over here giving me a weird look. I think that's Chopper, underneath that long hair. Saw your show last night, by the way. Thought it was great, but your bass player sucks. Anyway, I'll be briefing you, so pay attention. You all were spontaneously transported from whatever condition and room you were in, to this apartment. The apartment itself is on the twenty-first floor of an apartment building in a dense mega-city in a world with a different geography. I don't know why or how it happened, but the situation is, you're stranded in a strange world. I've been ordered to give you instructions, so here it is: open up your phones, they should hook on to some internet, and access this search engine, spelled Gulf-Oscar-Oscar-Gulf-Lima-Echo. Download some maps, and get a lay of the land. Then, you are to book Flight Delta Four Zero Four to a city called "Paris", and the airline is actually called "Delta", not just the letter "D". Once you land in Paris, there'll be a translator there who'll help you past security, then you should be able to go back to Oured. Look at (starts to laugh uncontrollably) look at Bartlett's face! Oh! Ohh, oh he looks--ahhahahahhhhaaaaAAA! He looks so confused! Baaahaahaha! Oh! I--I, I've--hahahahaha! I've left the information inside this piece of paper in case you didn't catch any of that. I just (shaking his head) I can't leave without capturing this moment, your face is priceless! (takes out his smartphone to take a picture of Bartlett's confused expression, then leaves)

The cloud disappears. The room's lighting is restored, and a piece of paper now sits on the counter.

Mobius 1[]

San Salvacion, San Salvacion, San Profetta Airport, 2010, 1400 hours

The top ace of ISAF is now an popular aerobatic pilot in Usea and the rest of the world. It is his last show before retiring forever.


Perform an tailslide


USA, Illinois, Chicago

Cipher: Man I'm too old to pilot a fighter jet... that sucks... *about to cry*

Random old man: Hey! Me too i was a pilot.

Cipher: Woah! Who are you?

Random old man: it's not important, the important is my story...

Cipher: OK... first who is that? *point random old man friend in a photo during the Vietnam War*

Random old man: *Has Vietnam flashback*

Cipher: Dude,are you okay?

To be written...

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