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Ilstovia is a country that has been around for 800 years. It first appeared in History in 1100 A.D when Ancient Yuktobanians aquired land from other local groups. After this the area that today we know as Ilstovia was merely a part of Yuktobania for 200 Years. By the year 1300 Tensions were rising between The state of Ilstovia and the rest of Yuktobania, in 1330 the Ilstovians had a revolution to gain their Independence from Yuktobania. The war lasted for 10 years and in 1340 the Ilstovians gained their independance from Yuktobania and created "The Kingdom of Ilstovia". This Kingdom lasted for 500 years, then in the 1800's the ilstovians, Longing for a democracy, Overthrew the king creating the "Federal Democratic Republic of Ilstovia". Later in the 1940's during the start of the cold war, Ilstovia was once again conquered by Yuktobania. Fourty years later, Ilstovia once again rebbeled against Yuktobania. This conflict would be called the Verusean Crisis, this conflict almost led to a Global nuclear war as Osea quickly took the side of Ilstovia. This conflict would last for 7 years and even afterwards tensions were high. Today Ilstovia is a very modern country that has a Population of 60 Million people with many living in its capitol city of Ilev. The climate of Ilstovia could be described as Moderate to temprate. The Ilstovian goverment has adopted a policy of neutrality, taking no sides in a conflict unless absolutly nessecary. It trades with many nations because of its Neutrality. It maintains a very strong military force with 700,000 active service members, in the case of a crisis all men can be drafted into military service. These reasons make Ilstovia the second most powerful military force in Verusea next to Yuktobania.

Culture and Architecture[]

Since much of the countries history is tied in with Yuktobania, The culture and architecture are very simular to Yuktobania's. The average Ilstovian citizen has quite alot of wealth and technology. The Ilstovians speak Cyrillic, which is also what most Yuktobanians speak. The Ilstovians maintain a strong economy, And a strong trade orginization. They maintain a modern strong military to defend their country, Their architecture is very simular to Yuktobanias, but slightly less complex.



The Mikolev sector is the Industrial sector where most things are made in the country. This sector is also very cold so few people choose to live here. This sector is also the smallest sector.

Ilstovian sectors V2


This sector is the economic capitol of the country, it is also where the capital city of Ilev is located. This sector is also where most large cities are located. This is the largest sector.


This sector is where most people live. There are alot of smaller cities in this sector. Most military facilities are also located here.


This is the countries only access to the ocean so this is the trading port of the country. Alot of rural farmland is in this sector also.

Military Branches[]

There are Four branches of the Ilstovian Armed Forces

  • Ilstovian Ground Force
  • Ilstovian Maritime Force
  • Ilstovian Air force
  • Ilstovian Marine Corps

Ilstovian Ground Force[]

Small Arms

  • ACR
  • Cheytac Intervention
  • Dragonov SVD
  • SCAR--L
  • TDI Vector
    IGF Roundel

    IGF Roundel

  • MG-36
  • RPG-32
  • Stinger
  • HK USP

Ground Vehicals

  • T-90 MBT
  • M-270 MLRS
  • M-2A3 Bradley
  • BTR-94
  • Pzh-2000
  • GAZ-2975
  • Panstir-S1


  • MI-28 Havok
  • CH-46 Chinook
  • MI-8 Hip
  • V-22 Osprey

Ilstovian Maritime Force[]


  • 3 Admiral Kuznetsov Class Aircraft Carriers
  • 4 Typhoon Class Balistic Missile Submarines
    INF Roundel

    IMF Roundel

  • 12 Kirov Class Battlecruisers
  • 12 Los Angeles class Attack Submarine
  • 17 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer
  • 30 F124 Sachsen Class Frigates
  • 20 Visby Class Corvettes


  • Mi-14 Haze
  • Ka-25 Hormone
  • F-35 Lightning ll
  • Rafale M
  • AV-8B Harrier
  • Be-2500I Kanyuk

Ilstovian Air force[]

Small Arms

  • ACR
  • TDI Vector
    Ilstovian Air force Roundel

    IAF Roundel

  • Steyr M


  • Sukhoi PAK-FA
  • Sukhoi HAL-FGFA
  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • F-22 Raptor
  • F/A-40C Crow
  • F-108E Super Rapier
  • F-35 Lightning ll
  • Su-25 Frogfoot
  • B-63 Shadow
  • Su-34 Fullback
  • Tu-95 Bear
  • Su-30MKI
  • F-15SE Silent Eagle
  • Su-47 Firkin
  • Su-35BM
  • JAS-39 Gripen
  • Mikoyan LMFS

Ilstovian Marine Corps[]

&nbsp Small Arms

  • F-2000
    IMC Roundel

    IMC Roundel

  • UMP-45
  • Steyr M
  • M202 FLASH

Ground Vehicles

  • EFV
  • LAV-25
  • T-90 MBT


  • Su-33
  • MV-22 Osprey
  • AH-1Z Viper
  • UH-1Y Venom
  • Mi-8 Hip
  • F-35 Lightning ll


  • It's Somewhat based on Ukraine.