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The International United Nations, or IUN, is an intergovernmental organization that promotes global peace, security, and international cooperation. The organization maintains the IUN Peacekeeping Force (IUN-PKF), a military force comprised of land, sea, and air units. While some of these units hail from the Verusan and Usean continents, over half of the IUN-PKF units belong to the Osean Defense Forces.

The IUN carried out its peacekeeping duties since the 1940s and continued to do so in the 21st century. The IUN was heavily involved as an Osean proxy in both the 2019 Lighthouse War and the 2029 Second Clavian War.

While the organization has received some praise for promoting international cooperation, critics and even proponents of the IUN question the organization's effectiveness in preventing global conflicts, especially those that emerged from the Ulysses disaster. Some countries, such as Erusea and East Clavis, argue that the IUN is merely a puppet organization for "Osea and its lackeys" to impose their hegemony on other nations.