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the J7W Shinden ADV is a Multipropouse Light Fighter manufactured by Kyūshū Hikōki K.K.


The J7W Shinden ADV was a try to resurrect the ancient Frame of ifamous J7W Shinden.replacing the famous engine propeller by a turbofan engine, and putting a stronger body, the plane became a cheap and low weight alternative for the Basic Advanced aircraft such as F-4G Phantom,F-5E Tiger II and Mirage III. is estimated that have been made of few units Shinden ADV,as it is very unusual to see a Shinden ADV in Direct Battle.although it is a multipurpose aircraft, the Shinden ADV is more commonly seen in aerial patrol border missions, and military exercises.



J7W Shinden in flight

Osean Air Defense Force (OADF) (has 30 units of Shinden ADV)

Lesath Air Force (LAF) (50 units of Shinden ADV)

Republic of Emmeria Air Force (REAF) (300 units of Shinden ADV)

UPEO (S.A.R.F.) (Bought some and equipped it with COFFIN System)

Reagia Aereonautica di Clavis ( RAC ) ( 25 units based on the aircraft carrier RMC Domaine, 10 based on the Villanova airport and 10 based on the subterrain airbase.)


Maximun Speed: 2050 km/h(1281 mph)




Air to Air:65

Air to Ground:65



2× 30 mm cannon

Missles: AIM-9 Sidewinder FOG-MPM MAA-1 Piranha

SP Weapons: UGB (500LB) NPB XMAA (1200 AMRAAM)


a Real world Try to make the J7W Shinden a Jet powered fighter, was the J7W2 Shinden Kai,but this never left the drawing board.