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P-51D Kitsune 1944

Wrights reserve P-51D in 1944.

Jacob "Spirit Fox" Wright was a pilot for the Aurelian Air Force during a conflict that would be known as the "Second Great War" between 1937-47 his squadron would shoot down hundreds of aircraft and take on some of the most elite squadrons of the Axis powers, his killscore would match the Belkan Ace Waldimar Rald "Wywyrm 1". This is Featured in the Fictional Ace Combat Origins: The Spirt Fox.

Early Life[]

The most information that could be found on the "Spirit Fox" aka Jacob Wright was born on October 18th, 1920 in Griswall Aurelia. Information on his family and his childhood in Griswall is clouded in mystery. All that is known is that when Jacob was eighteen he had joined the Aurelian Air Force alongside Aika Solano another member of Kitsune Squadron.

Service 1937-47[]

Before the Aurelian Invasion Jacob and his squadron were mainly assigned to patrol missions, these missions would be rather uneventful. "Boring and tiresome. They were so routine and linear i could fly em' in my sleep." as he would say in the 1997 OBC Documentary "Wings of War", It wasnt until April of 1937 when the Axis invasion of Aruelia was in full swing when the squadron engaged their first formation of Axis bombers and fighters headed for Monte Breeze. The team downed the bombers and engaged Alect squadron. After a short repsite the squadron was thurst into combat alongside Osean fighters after Rot team and Several BF109s and FW190s raided their base. After a difficult dogfight the team downed Rot team and forced the retreat of the axis aircraft. The victory was heavy on Jacob after learning that Rot was merely guarding a formation of trainees returning from a mission. His mentor Adrian "Old Man" Martinez told him "Reguardless of experience, age or reason. War is War." Adrian had been a pilot from the Great War and knew this firsthand from flying alongside his Mentor. After the encounter with Alect and Rot, the team was assigned to close support missions taking on Belkan Panzer Divisions attacking the capital and their important industrial facilities. "those were the slower of our operations." he stated. "close support requires a certain eye, a certain patience if you will. you're flying at 300 miles per hour at 1500 ft, and the schmuck in the tank is only going 30 on the deck." After a support operation, Jacob was shocked to see a squadron of White and Purple A6M2 Zeros fly over, the lead plane dropping a lettter. When He read it. it stated.

Dear Captain Wright,

My name is Michael Eltmann, Captain of the 51st Tactical Fighter Squadron of the 7th Air Division, Belkan Air Force; you know us as the Indigo Squadron. I have heard of your skill in battle and of your fight against Rot. The flight lead was a good friend of mine, and you killed him. I won't let his death be in vain, but alas I must be a gentleman, and so I will give you a fair chance to fight us. Send up four aircraft, no more and no less, and then climb to 15,000 feet, facing northeast. We will be facing you at the same altitude about one mile away. I look forward to seeing you in combat Captain. Good luck.

They engaged Indigo team and after a diving and turning dogfight against Kitsune, the team ultimately triumphed over the Zeroes and shot all of the Indigo members down.They all managed to bail out and were ultimately captured by allied forces and would sit the rest of the war out in a camp in Santa Elva. During this time much of the front began to slow down, and after a major Aurelian offensive the Allies push the Axis out of Aurelia and Laeseath surreneders. Kitsune from there is transferred to the Oseans Northern front where the allied offensive into Belka was kicking into high gear. Kitsune recived a report while they were onboard the Cargo Ship St.Mary. It appeared the Belkans began to use jets, something that was merely a prototype or pipe dream until then. "3113" was printed on the side of the plane in the Osean OSS picture. Jacob was quoted as saying "The old man really got a shock to the system, you see back in his time planes like his SPAD were wood and canvas and here we were with Jet powered planes." As they arrived in Osea, they were equipped with updated aircraft to replace their outdated P-40Cs. The aircraft they received were the P-38 Lightining and the P-51C/D Mustang fighters, the aircraft were significantly much faster and more manuverable than the older P-40.

Kitsune was sent on a raid on to attack the Mauern Dam (Later known as the Avalon Dam) their objective was clear. Escort allied bombers to their target at Mauern and aid in the destruction of the dam. The deep strike mission involved several allied B-17s, Lancasters and B-25s and another Aurelian Squadron Kumiho team led by a female pilot by the name of Shion Kanazawa. When they flew into enemy airspace, they were advised by enemy bomber crews to lower altitude and sweep up any enemy fighters in the zone. As soon as they lowered alittude they were attacked by AAA and fighters. With that several allied bombers were lost as a result and memebers of Kumiho team and Kitsune were forced to exit the combat area after taking excessive damage from enemy fire. This was some of the allied radio chatter from that moment.

Eagle 1: The bombing has no effect! were taking losses! Abort! Abort! Abort!

Hellhound 3: Same here, all bombers pull out now! Fighters retreat to the southern end of the combat zone!

Kitsune 4: like hell i will!

Kumiho 3: hes right Kitsune 4, we need a better tactic. pull out for now!

A direct raid on the damn had no effect, conventional bombs only did glancing damage against the concrete structures of the damn. They had to reassess the situation and withdraw for now. But before Kitsune and the Bombers could withdraw they were attacked by two groups of fighters. The squadron that attacked Kumiho and Kitsune was the Shackal (Jackal) Squadron led by a pilot whose sadistic tactics and dispostion earned him the nickname the "Mangy Dog of Belka". Even his peers in the air force disliked the individual strongly. The whole squadron was known to make head on attacks that bordered suicidal in nature. When they engaged the Eight plane formation, things became a tangled mess. As the dogfight reached its climax Schakal 1 went vertical and fired upward into Kitsune 2 and injured her seriously, her plane waivered and fell but she held on reagained control. This shook Jacob to his core. He said "It was probably the first time in that whole conflict that i felt a very real sense of fear." As Schakal moved in to go after Kitsune team a group of Me-262 fighters attacked from above and forced Kitsune into the fight against the Wywyrm Team.