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Personal Information

Date of birth:

16 April 2005




United Nations Security Forces


Sparrow 1, Boxer


F-14D Super Tomcat

Clarke was born and raised in Balcliff, the capital city of Erren. Orphaned at the age of four after his parents were killed in an accident, he was adopted by his godparents, the MacBrides.

As long as he could remember, Clarke had been in love with fighter aircraft, after reading stories about aces and heroes of the Belkan War and the Usean Continental War. As he grew up he developed his own philosophy on war and peace. He strongly detests those who exploit the weak and try to exert their will upon others.

Clarke applied for the Errenese Air Defence Force as soon as he finished school. Quickly passing the selection process, he graduated from the Fhey Military College. However, he didn't follow through to go on to fighter school, after he had heard about the United Nations Air Security Force. He joined, and due to his cadetship in the Errenese Defence Forces, he was immediately transferred to the fighter school at Healy AFB, in North Point.